Level 3 4L60E / 4L65E / 4L70E

4L60E Level 3, “700-E Raptor”

<img src=”https://transmissioncenter.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/PATC22bmp.jpg” />  This heavy duty / high performance 4L60E transmission has all of the updates and features of our high performance 700R4 transmission. Your rebuilt electronic 700R4 will be ready for any type of heavy duty or high performance use. This transmission is for the person that needs something better than stock. Corvette, Camaro, street rods, towing, four-wheel drives and others. It comes with a heavy-duty torque converter and your choice of stall speeds up to 2800 RPM. This transmission is for any type high performance / heavy duty use up to 600 horse power / 450 torque (600 with Raptor Drive package) using pump gasoline. See ratings chart below. Add torque converter and Raptor Drive upgrades if needed.

This transmission comes with a high performance Superior intermediate billet servo, a high performance Superior overdrive billet servo, The Beast reaction shell, oversize pressure boost valve, performance 1-2 accumulator spring, extra wide sun gear bushing, extra wide rear stator support bushing, special intermediate servo release check valve, high output pump slide spring, Billet Steel pump rotor, Transgo performance valve body plate if needed, 29 element Borg Warner forward input sprag, Alto Carbonite PowerBand with thicker hardened anchors that holds in second and overdrive, pump seal retainer, code 1870 fix valve, all new electronics, 8 Red Eagle clutches with full thickness Kolene steels are used in the 3-4 clutch drum and an extra heavy duty torque converter with a Sonnax carbon fiber clutch (#2 or #2L on the converter list).

If you need the best you’re at the right place. Now you can tow up to 6,000 pounds in overdrive. This 4L60E (electronic 700R4) package deal can be yours without a trade-in

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Showing all 11 results