4L60E Master Rebuild Kit with 8 Clutch Red Eagle Power Pack and Pistons, Level 3 1997-2003 (COMBO KIT)

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# K19. Alto 4L60E master combo kit with Pistons, 8 clutch Red Eagle Power Pack and full thicknes Kolene steels and stronger Sonnax pressure plates for the 3-4 clutch. High Energy for the other clutch sets. The 3-4 Power Pack is a multi disk design with sixteen friction surfaces. The 3-4 clutch is the weak point on 4L60E transmissions. This kit will give you a 33% larger clutch apply area on the 3-4 clutch with high performance Red Eagle clutches and Kolene steels to boot. This kit is custom built for PATC by Alto. Thin steels will not work on the 3-4 clutch in a 4L60E with over 400 horse power. Eight clutches are the maximum number you can use in the 3-4 clutch pack with full thickness steels.

Wake your 4L60E up with this Wake Up Kit. You get the Sonnax oversize .490″ Mega Valve, the Superior 35% oversize high performance overdrive billet servo & the Superior 50% oversize high performance intermediate billet servo. These three parts will wake up your 4L60E transmission. Also included in this Combo Kit is an Alto Carbonite Power Band with thicker hardened anchors that holds in second and overdrive. This is the combination we use to build our level 2, 700-E Raptor Junior transmissions, then we added the Red Eagle Power Pack to this kit. Fits Chevy 1997 to 2004 non LS1 type 4L60E transmissions. The #K19 Combo Kit will also fit 1998 up LS1 type transmissions, but the #K2TD Torque Drive kit and the #K2TC torque converter will not fit a LS1 type transmission. You get the #14-700LE PATC Special / Alto master rebuild kit with the 8 clutch Red Eagle Power Pack an Kolene steels, the #11CF Alto Carbonite Power Band with thicker hardened anchors that holds in second and overdrive plus the #32 Wake Up Kit with 2 oversize Superior servos and the Sonnax oversize pressure valve. (Fits 1997 to 2004 only, not 2005. Everything fits but the pressure valve.) 10% OFF

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Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 16 × 7 in