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PATC Transmission Testimonials and Reviews

PATC Sall Logo  Thank you for your comprehensive selection, and absolutely the most informative web store I’ve ever seen, even down to oddball items, and things to remember, dos and don’ts, I’ve considered buying parts at other places, but when I came across your store, it was easily decided that this will be the only place I buy transmission parts. Thank you


PATC Sall Logo  Want to thank you for all your help, torque converter is perfect for my truck and it shifts right with Corvette governor, your website is very good


PATC Sall Logo  Hello,

The AOD transmission is installed and working fine now. I wanted to tell you THANKS for standing behind your work and getting the warranty turned around quickly. Please tell SL thanks for me also for the technical help.

My 1967 Mercury Cougar is finally back on its feet.

Have a great week.

Keith       Durango, CO

5 of 5 enthusiastic star

PATC Sall Logo  Customer service far superior to any other supplier I have worked with. Actually has confident knowledge of products offered. These folks know your transmission inside and out and can give you authoritative advice, fast responsiveness, rock solid technical information, and comprehensive product coverage for your transmission or speedometer needs. They probably do much more that I don’t even know about! Your search ends here!

Hope this helps you as you have helped me.

Sincerely, Kurt

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10-27-13. This is most likely the worlds fastest 6L80E transmission built with PATC parts.

*** UPDATE ***      10 / 27 / 2014

Chase Dooley beats his own personal record with a new personal best of 225 MPH.

PATC Sall Logo

2010 built Camaro runs 9.98 @ 138.40 MPH with 30 MPH headwind. This 6L80E was built by Tony @ Janetty Racing using our exclusive PATC Phoenix rebuild kit.

PATC Sall Logo  Just wanted to thank you for looking out for us MOPAR guys by providing us with the parts and info to perform the 727 to 518 O/D conversion. I just completed the install on my 74 Road Runner and it’s GREAT. I can finally cruise at highway speeds and still hear the radio! Gas mileage went way up too. Thanks again – keep up the good work.

H Ross
Las Vegas, NV

PATC Sall Logo  Today the guy that bought my bike on ebay backed out of the deal, I got double billed for something I bought over the Net, I just got a bill for a HUGE quarterly insurance increase, and the Mail man mis-delivered my part that I bought from you. He found it and delivered it to me, and when I opened it, not only did it contain my part, but also a PATC T-Shirt. That little extra that was included with my tranny gear made the day all better. Thank you….

PATC Sall Logo  7 years ago I purchased a 700R4 unit from you for my ‘vette…..It was a completely different car after install, precise, firm, quick shifts, when I gave the car her lead the trans grabbed her and yanked her forward without hesitation! GREAT TRANSMISSION! I love your work! Keep it up!

Andrew Homolak

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Update: June 1, 2009.  hey don…..just a quick up-date… my trans from you for my 41 Willys about 2004, have been running it without any trouble since…by the way thanks for putting my car on your web site…Kent Kottler.This is Kent Kottler’s 1941 Willys. It has a Chevy 502 cubic inch / 550 horse power big block in front of our level 3, 700 Raptor transmission with the Torque Drive upgrade. July 28, 2004

PATC Sall Logo  Thanks for the super service and information on getting the 44 tooth driven gear to me so fast.  You have the best website I have ever encountered as far as information, products and services. I have already referred your business to “Art’s Corvette Parts” in Ft. Lauderdale ( and Costal Corvette in Mims Florida. Eventually I would like to get a Corvette 700R4 back into my car and at that time I will be knocking on your door. Thanks again

Sincerely,  John Waterman Cocoa, Florida

PATC Sall Logo  Hello

I have been running the transmission I bought from you for 2 months now, not too much because its winter and snow here now.

I must say I’m VERY pleased with it and I’m going too recommend you too my friends.

Thanks a lot Peder Sjöberg, Sweden

PATC Sall Logo  Hello, my name is Jason Steelman I would like to take this time to express my gratitude for the custom speedometer cable and pre-assembled speedometer gear. I wish you knew how pleased I was when I had discovered what you had done for me. Again thank you for the outstanding customer servicefast delivery and extra effort performed by your company. I will continue to do business with your company in the future! Moreover I’m going to refer others to your company when the situation shows it self.  ????     HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS! Sincerely,            Jason R Steelman

PATC Sall Logo  Just want to say thanks for hooking me up with a strong trany for my Chevy Van on Nov. 10, 2008. It was nice ride back to Memphis knowing that the Trany was not going to let you down. I also need to thank you for the ride to and from Sam’s Town. Do you have any Raptor Stickers that I can put in the back window of my van so I can do some advertising for you?

Jon C

PATC Sall Logo  I’ve heard good things about you guys and the write-ups you provide on your site have impressed me. Most businesses would rather keep you in the blind about the product they are selling in an attempt to confuse and force a sale. So I’d like to deal with you on getting these parts.

Joe C

PATC Sall Logo  To Whom it may concern,

Just wanted to send you a note. I ordered (order number 22590) the Ratio adapter with a 20% increase for my 78 Camaro last week Tuesday, received it Thursday, and installed it Friday night. Wife and I took out the 2003 Venture, and the 78 Camaro, and the speedometers match up perfectly. I no longer have to guess my speeds. Thanks for the fast service.

Kevin G

Centralia, MO

PATC Sall Logo  I purchased from you January 06 a transmission A4LD you show my pics on your add page and I must say it looks good in your add here is a good picture for you to add it will surely improve your sales on your A4ld trans.

I am very happy with the way the trans performed street and strip never any problems, THANKS for your expertise.

I am starting a project of swapping a V8 in my ranger and will call on you soon for a transmission to fit Ford 5.0 I think it calls for AOD

Joe DeFazio

PATC Sall Logo  Don,

I found your site looking for something else (flexible cable shafts) and am glad I did. Your site is excellent and has a scary amount of info. I am planning to put a 200-4R into an 84 Monte in place of the 250C and could get no “reliable” info on the speedo gears (ya wanna change them? Only way is with a complete rebuild!). You speedo gear page cleared it all up for me. Thank you! When I continue with that project, I will deal with your company.

It is nice to see someone willing to share info. I would rather deal with such an organization, and will.

Best regards,


PATC Sall LogoHey guys, last 700R4 came out SWEET with all parts I got from you, raptor blood works GREAT. need some more since I am finally getting to putting on the trans cooler. Thanks again for having the right stuff. I wear my t-shirt proudly!

PATC Sall LogoHello, I just wanted you to know, that I received my item the next after purchased. I have never seen such quality in a Seller in over 400 purchased items. Thank You and I hope someday we can do business together. Thanks again,

PATC Sall Logo  First of all, I bought a 4L60E transmission, for my Suburban, from you approx. 3 years ago.  I’ve put about 150,000 miles on it, and it has been perfect.  So, obviously, I’ll come to you for my next transmission.
I’m beginning resto work on a 1965 Ford Galaxie, with a 352 FE engine, and, I think, a C6 tranny.  I’ve looked at your website, for the Mustang AOD conversion.
Can you put together what I need for my Galaxie?  Its a Level 1 application, daily driver.  Less than 350HP, no trailer pulling.  The engine will be rebuilt. I’ll be installing a Holley carburetor.

PATC Sall Logo  Hello Don: Thank you very much for sending me the parts so quickly. You have to be the Quickest Transmission parts order store I have ever purchased from. It took less than two days for the part to get to me in California. Thank you and keep up the Great Work. Tell the boss you deserve a raise!!!
Your Friend Michael Espitia

PATC Sall Logo  Absolute KICK ass product really added extra power to my C6. Flawless Transaction

Over the past several years I have put several 700Rs into various Chevrolet vehicles. A year ago I found your website and after some thought decided to put you 700 raptor into one of my own-a chevy pickup.

To say the least I am extremely impressed with the performance of the raptor 700. It outperforms ALL other 700s I have purchased. Extremely satisfied. 

Marty Hall

PATC Sall Logo  Thank you for answering all of my emails.  In 2003 I spent $2500 for a 700MegaRaptor and you have always made me feel like I am your favorite customer.  I gave Dynatrac $12,000 for a set of Dana 60’s and hardly ever get a response to my emails from them.

Your company has the highest quality of customer service  and a very good website!  This is deeply appreciated!

Thanks again for the prompt replies,


Cheyenne, WY

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PATC Sall LogoGood Evening Don,

I would like to make a feeble attempt at communicating, in words, my experience with my new 700 MEGA Raptor transmission. When I first found your website on the internet, I thought the name “Raptor” was a “cutesy” Jurassic Park reference intended solely to differentiate your product. After experiencing this transmission, I now realize you were simply trying to better describe what you were installing into vehicles. My set of 35 inch mud tires attached to my 3-ton truck now understands what a cute, little, bunny rabbit feels like after enjoying the never-ending “death roll” of a blood-thirsty alligator. You were simply trying to communicate that the power my engine makes is best used making my big aggressive tires squeal like a pack of pre-teen girls at a Justin Timberlake concert. Thus, I can now imagine the overwhelming capabilities of the extinct Raptor.

Thanks for the education ????

Cameron Carlile

Longview, Texas

 PATC Sall LogoDistributor of the Year for 2006

PATC Sall Logo

Hi Don,

Cole here, from Hummin2London. I bought your Quadzilla 4L80E and raced it in my H1 Hummer in Morocco last month. I was very happy with the gearbox and we took 4th in our class, even with two teenage boys strapped in the back. We had one major drama and that was the studs that screw into the back of the gearbox and hold the transmission mount / transfer case all backed out of the gearbox!!! ACKK!!!!

We pulled out the spacer / xfer case and retapped the holes to 10mm (no US thread bolts anywhere in Africa), new 10mm bolts, lots of loctite and a massive ratchet strap around the gearbox, crossmember and the back of the transfer case. We kept racing althought a bit slower, and it all held together. I’m going to have to re-do those holes, probably Helicoils, unless you have any better ideas or suggestions.

Operationally the gearbox was fantastic! I am dead happy with it.

Thanks heaps,

Cole Stage

Scary Fast Hummer Racing (formerly Hummin2London)

PATC Sall Logo  Good morning Don,

I bought one of your transmissions a couple months back and I just wanted to

tell you what a great unit it is!

I`m sure you know already but I wanted to tell you how please I am with the

quality of the product.

I`m considering getting another transmission, would there be someone who could

answer some technical questions?

Thank you,  andrew

PATC Sall Logo  Just wanted to thank your group( don’t know the name of the correct one) for the set of switches and the instructions to make the Mopar 518 tranny work in my 1987 Dodge van.
I found your site by just surfing recently after having my friend and  mechanic( Doug Hinkle)  complete a  switch from the original 904 tranny to a complete 518 with the  rear end  and 3.55 gear from a 91 van. Of course, the initial set-up  was done with the  manual control switches and worked fine but was not  very practical for long term use.
After driving the van with your set of switches, I am really glad to  have found you guys.
Thanks again and if I do another conversion I’ll be back for more help.  Nice to know that there are places like this on the web.
Clark Thomas


PATC Sall Logo  Dear PATC,

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful transmission I had purchased from you in 2002.  I bought a 700R4 Raptor with the torque drive package.  It has been in my 1989 K1500 since then without having any problems.  This truck pulls my landscape trailer five days week and the trailer weight (with equipment) is approx. 3400 pounds.   No one believes me that the truck only has a small block 305.  Especially when I step on the pedal and the truck chirps second gear (no trailer attached).  This will be the third winter that I have snowplowed with the truck.  My trucks take beatings.  Before I purchased your transmission I priced a new 700r4 from my local Chevy Dealer and the price was $1550.00 (this was in 2002).   I purchased your transmission because I figured for a couple of hundred dollars I would be getting something that was made for stress and heavy duty conditions as opposed to an OEM type tranny.   I was right!  THIS HAS BEEN THE BEST PURCHASE I HAVE EVER MADE!  I’m a small business owner and down time/repairs can put me out of business.   Your transmission has taken a serious beating and has lasted so far.  It has 20,000 miles of torture and operates flawlessly.  (I do change the fluid/filter every year regardless of mileage).  You have a customer for life and when my 4L60E goes in my other truck I am coming to you for the replacement.

Thanks again,

John Terzani

PATC Sall Logo  Trudy, Don and PATC
I’ve gotta tell you I really like my Raptor Junior. I bought it in the fall of 2002, and it sat for about a year before I had time to make the installation in my 66 Chevelle. When I decided to go the TH700R4 route, I really wasn’t sure that was the way to go, and I had no idea how much work would be necessary to install it. Once installed, it took me awhile to get it set up properly, and could probably still be refined a bit. All the effort was worth it. Don suggested a 2800 stall speed converter for my approximately 300 hp Chevelle cruiser with 3.42 gears. At light throttle, shifts are relatively mild, but firm. Under full throttle, shifts are fast and positive. Throttle induced downshifts are quick. The trans has so far proved to be quite robust for my use. I have a few thousand miles on it.

I can’t say enough positive things about my Raptor Junior. My 66 was really intended for duty as a cruiser, but  I want to bump the horsepower. The trans knows how to use it. Also, the gear reduction for the speedo has brought it to where it looks spot on. I’ll have to do some calibration runs to verify it, but judging from traffic here, it looks correct. Thanks for everything.

Joe Boehler

PATC Sall Logo  After researching nearly every high performance transmission manufacturer in the country for the HydroCar project, the choice came down to one. Performance Automotive and Transmission Center’s QUADZILLA 4L80E transmission!  In my mind, there is no substitute!

This is one of the few transmissions in the world up to the challenge of the 620 hp and 650 lbs. of torque produced by the massive 572 cubic inch Chevy engine.  There will be no weak links in the HydroCar’s drivetrain!

Dobbertin HydroCar

PATC Sall Logo  Just a note to let you know how pleased I am with the Mega Raptor 700R4 transmission I recently purchased from your company. I have installed the tranny in my 1973 Corvette with an American Speed 383 which made 405HP and 480ftlbs of torque on the dyno. I had added Edelbrock Pro Flo fuel Injection in place of the Carb before I replaced the Poor excuse of a transmission that was in the car with the Mega Raptor and a 2X converter. What a difference!!! The previous transmission was supposed to have the same stall speed as the 2X and the transmission was supposed to shift like a Turbo 350 with a street & strip kit, but this turned out not to be true. It shifted like an old dog and made funny noises at about 2700 RPM. Your transmission however is as advertised, my car with a 373 rear and 295/50/15 tires will blow the tires off if you stomp on it in low which forces a early 1-2 shift, then once it settles down it again squawks the tires hard on the 2-3 shift. This car is a ball to drive now with your transmission verses your competitors transmission. Thanks for building what you claim on your website, I would highly recommend your product to anyone considering a 700R4 transmission. Sincerely P B Ladysmith, Va.

PATC Sall Logo Don, I must say I’m very impressed with the performance of the 700-E Raptor trans I recently purchased. The $110 off shipping , no core charge , and the “good” parts you use make this trans the best deal on the internet.

Using the stock trans line pressure in the computer, my Raptor showed 75lbs at idle and 240 at WOT. SWEET!!!  No need for the Interceptor on this trans.

Thanks, Dean Stewart

PATC Sall Logo I put a billet servo in my tranny today at lunch, and well, ITS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! 2nd gear rubber, and the truck feels alot quicker, no lag between shifts. Its the best mod I’ve ever did to a truck.. A big thumbs up on it. The vette servo just makes it shift firmer, the billet makes it shift firm enough to catch 2nd rubber, id MUCH rather have the billet. I tell ya what, going bout 35, if I punch it, it will kick down and bark tha sh*t outta tha tires, and with the straight pipes, it sounds mean as hell, EVERYBODY looks.

PATC Sall Logo  Thanks Again I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that the 700 Raptor transmission that you put in my 32 Ford is doing great. I have put over a thousand miles on it and it is performing perfectly. I will be going to Atlanta next week and to Biloxie Ms for Cruse The Coast the next week. I have also told several of my friends with street rods how pleased I am with the transmission and the work that Jason Collinsworth did during the change out. Feel free to forward my E-Mail address to anyone as a reference for your High Performance Transmissions.

PATC Sall Logo

I put one of your 700Raptor in a 1986 CJ7. It performs absolutely excellent. I would rather drive this Jeep than my 1997 TJ!  Now, I would like to put a 700Raptor in the TJ.

Thank you,

  1. G.

Cheyenne, WY.

 PATC Sall Logo PATC Team,

My name is Paul Cheshareck and I recently purchased a Master 700-E Raptor Rebuild Kit, Extreme Duty Torque Drive Package and Super Shift Fluid from your company.  First of all, I want to say that I was extremely impressed with your staff.  Customer service and technical support were very responsive, helpful and most important of all, friendly. I also found your web site to be quite informative and useful.

As far as the parts I purchased are concerned, I am equally impressed.  I needed something that could withstand and deliver the power of my supercharged LT-1 in my 95′ Formula Firebird.  To be quite honest, I was not ready for the change that I experienced.  Under normal driving conditions it is very smooth and streetable. When I let the throttle rip, it brutally punishes the tires and hits harder than my wildest expectations.  Next on the agenda are some dyno pulls and some strip runs.

I only have one problem as a result of my purchase.  I do not know if I can buy enough rubber to hook my car up now.  That is a problem that I am happy to live with.

Thank you, P C Olathe, KS

PATC Sall Logo I want to thank you for your services and products. I ordered a Raptor Jr on 8 Apr 02. It was built and arrived within a week. I didn’t get around to installing  until 26 May. Everything was going fantastic until I went to install the speedo drive. It did not match up. I started to panic, it was after 5:00p.m. on Sat. I called the shop number and got the message to call the house.. I called the house and apologized for calling late, was told it was okay. The gentleman explained that I would have to take the tailshaft off and use the original gear. I finished the transmission on Sunday. Put 200 miles on it Mon (Memorial Day). Could not wipe the smile off my face. It shifts fantastic. I even put a post on the NAISSO bulletin board (Impala SS website)

Thank you,
G. O.
Zion, IL
92 Olds Custom Cruiser Wagon

PATC Sall Logo Just to let you know I have visited a number of websites looking for transmissions and I would like to say that I think yours is one of the most informative out there and I appreciate seeing many photos, they speak louder than a bunch of text. Good job. be doing some business soon.

Dave Walker

PATC Sall Logo Barry Avery’s 1990 Corvette has a 700 Raptor Junior transmission.

PATC Sall Logo
Peter Mangold
35 Fillingham Dr.
Rochester NY

PATC Sall LogoDear Sirs,

I wanted to take the time to say thanks to your company Performance Automotive and specifically Don your technician. Here is my story and its positive out come. I took my 1993 Cadillac Seville to two local mechanics. One was a Tranny shop and the other a GM certified mechanic. They both told me I needed a transmission overhaul that would cost as much as $3200.00. I couldn’t afford the job so I started looking for a used or rebuilt tranny I could afford. I found your company on the internet (nice web site). I called and Don answered the phone. I explained my situation and the symptoms of my tranny failure. He said the failure I described was common and could be fixed for $70.00 (parts). We both agreed that even if it didn’t fix the problem it was worth the effort considering the cost of rebuilding or replacing the tranny. With the help of a GM manual and advice from Don I went to work on my tranny. I opened the tranny and found the problem with the solenoids that Don suggested. One was obviously broken. There are two as Don described I replaced both. I was so excited when I test drove the car I just about wet my pants. The tranny shifted just fine for $70.00 and a little time. I live in Rochester NY, miles from your place of business. The likelihood of a sale was small. That fact that he still took the time to help me speaks volumes about him and your company. I couldn’t be more appreciative.

Thank You

Peter Mangold

(I have dozens of e-mails like this one where people have saved thousands of dollars using our Tip Sheets or E-mail the Expert service. This one was a freebee.)

PATC Sall Logo  Thanks for Building The Best Transmission I have ever bought. I drove 12hrs round trip to pickup it up and I installed it the next day. My gas mileage was 14.5 miles to the gal. now it is 20.5 to the gal and the added power on take off is unbelievable. Thanks again Joe E. Kennedy

(He drove 700 miles for a 700 Raptor and got a 41.3% increase in gas mileage. The added power on take off is due to the lower geared 1st gear. The added mileage is due to installing an overdrive in place of a 3 speed automatic.)

David Carn
1305-8 Brian Place
Urbana, IL 61802

PATC Sall Logo  To Whom It May Concern:

Thanks you very much for doing business with me. I purchased one of your interceptor transmissions back in July 2002. At first there was a problem with my debit card transaction but one of your employees called back very quickly to straighten it out. I had the transmission installed in my ’94 Mustang GT at a local shop and it works great! The car shifts very solid and accelerates much quicker than it did with the stock transmission. Also, having the original core shipped to you was seamless and fast. Needless to say, I am very pleased and very impressed with the transmission. Thanks again for the great service and a great product!


David Carn

(The reason for the faster acceleration is the AODE gears where replaced with 4R70W gears. This works good on 94 / 95 Mustangs because they came with an AODE.)


PATC Sall Logo

This transmission lasted 3 years under these conditions and only failed when the rear end locked up. Check out this 700-E Raptor in a 1996 at the Mud Races !

Jason Bailey, Hazlehurst Ms.

PATC Sall Logo  PATC has one of the best sites I’ve ever been on. Prices, pictures, explanations, and the music. When I’m ready to buy my new tranny, It’ll be from them. Michael Williams


PATC Sall Logo  I’d like to thank you for everything you have done to help me in fixing my car.  I went to the bone yard and got another governor driven gear and replaced it.  That was the gear that snapped.  I’m guessing it snapped when I blew the rear end.  I just adjusted the kick down cable last night and it runs perfectly again.  Thank you again.


Brian Greeley

PATC Sall LogoThanks Don. Your tip sheets are a good idea and was definitely worth the $9.95 to me!

One of the local Trans guys here in Santa Maria, California charges people around $3500 to rebuild these electronic trannys!!!

What a rip-off. A lot of them probably don’t even need it. He claims that it’s because he buys all of the parts new from Ford.

Anyway, I think I’ll take mine to a different shop and have them do a full flush, filter and fluid change and adjust my EPC solenoid.

If I lived close to you, I’d bring it to you!

Thanks again.

Respectfully, Steven K. Watts

PATC Sall Logo  Hello, thanks for the best transmission I’ve ever had. Here’s a picture of my car.

PATC Sall Logo  hello don, thank you for that perfect part (raptor 700 e). my camaro runs very well with the new transmission. i send pictures for yours homepage. greetings from switzerland for the patc-team. jürg baumann

PATC Sall Logo  I just wanted to take a minute to thank you and your staff for your assistance and help in getting me the parts and information I needed to get this tranny up and running again.  The parts installed along with the modifications awakened this old tranny and it runs great.  Your help was and is greatly appreciated as it helped me do a rebuild whereas I had never done a tranny before.  Only time will tell if I did it right but it really takes a load and runs great.   Sincerely, tim herrick

PATC Sall Logo  Hi Don
My TH350 speedo parts turned up today and this is just a quick note to thank you for your assistance and your prompt and accurate service.
I will have no hesitation recommending you to the UK drag racing and rodding community.
With best regards
Mark Newby

PATC Sall Logo  Hi

Thanks for sending me the 16 tooth gear free of charge.

I had the official Swiss Government test last week including a speedo test; my Mustang passed OK.

So, many thanks again


PATC Transmission Testimonials and Reviews