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May 3, 2006

Hi Don,

Cole here, from Hummin2London. I bought your Quadzilla 4L80E and raced it in my H1 Hummer in Morocco last month. I was very happy with the gearbox and we took 4th in our class, even with two teenage boys strapped in the back. We had one major drama and that was the studs that screw into the back of the gearbox and hold the transmission mount / transfer case all backed out of the gearbox!!! ACKK!!!!

We pulled out the spacer / xfer case and retapped the holes to 10mm (no US thread bolts anywhere in Africa), new 10mm bolts, lots of loctite and a massive ratchet strap around the gearbox, crossmember and the back of the transfer case. We kept racing althought a bit slower, and it all held together. I’m going to have to re-do those holes, probably Helicoils, unless you have any better ideas or suggestions.

Operationally the gearbox was fantastic! I am dead happy with it.

Thanks heaps,

Cole Stage

Scary Fast Hummer Racing (formerly Hummin2London)