Performance Automotive Transmission Center

Parts Warehouse Policy

When you use our website to place an order, you yourself or with assistance from one of our team members, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Not all items are guaranteed in stock at our warehouse, at the time of ordering.

    If you are working on a time sensitive project, please call to verify if our warehouse has the items available on hand. Call 1-888-877-1008 and ask for Parts / Sales.

  2. We verify the complete billing address with your bank card, credit or debit, through our merchant gateways at the time that your order is placed. Which will result in an authorization over your funds available.

    No funds will be captured until your order ships. The authorization over your funds will expire, and fall off in 3 – 5 business days, if your order has not shipped during that time frame. If your order has shipped, we will have captured your funds, plus any additional shipping charges, if applicable.           

  3. In the event of any item(s) being out of stock at our warehouse, at the time of purchase, we will order in the required parts from our vendor(s). At this time your order will go into “Parts on Order” status, and can take between 1 -3 weeks to be fulfilled.

    You will receive a notice of this status change in your account, as well as an email.

    If at this point you would like to modify, or cancel your order, you can. Call 1-888-877-1008 and let one of our team members know you would like to discuss a “Parts on Order” status.                                                                                                                                                                                        

  4. Any parts orders for items that are currently on indefinite backorder from our vendors, will be cancelled. In this event, you will be notified via your account, email, and/or phone. No refund will be issued, because no funds will have been captured, because no items were shipped out.                      

  5. Items may not always be exact replicas from the pictures depicted on our website. We receive items from multiple vendors, causing there to be slight differences in color, box design, etc. between the items depicted, and the items received.                                                                                                 

  6. We reserve the right to modify pricing at any time, up or down.

    This includes product pricing, as well as shipping and handling prices.

    Some items do not have a set shipping and handling charge. It will be calculated after the order has been boxed and prepped for shipping. Which at that point, that charge will be added to your parts total and captured in your order total.

    International Shipping will always be calculated after the order has been received, to provide the most accurate shipping and handling charge for the order placed.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

  7. All sales on electrical parts are final. We cannot accept returned electrical parts.                                                                                                               

  8. No refunds on books, video tapes and special-order items.                                                                                                                                                    

  9. We reserve the right to charge a 15% restocking fee for all NEW condition parts that are returned for the following reasons:

    – Incomplete returns

    – The buyer changes their mind about their purchase

    – No longer needed/wanted

    – Bought by mistake

    – Better price available elsewhere

    Applies to Parts Orders for up to 30 days after Delivery ONLY.

    Parts must also be in packaging suitable for resale.

  10. There’s a 15% restocking charge on all uninstalled transmission and torque converter returns, plus you must pay all freight charges for the return. If you have an issue with the purchased transmission or torque converter, please contact our team and we will discuss if a repair, or if a return is in order. Contact us at 318-742-7784 or 318-550-5732, to discuss your transmission or torque converter issue.                                                                  

  11. If you cancel a transmission order before it has shipped, you will be charged a 6% processing fee for time and efforts lost, due to the fact of each transmission being built for the customer’s specific needs. You do have 48 hours only, to cancel a transmission order, before the 6% processing fee becomes applicable.                                                                                                                                                                                                             

  12. Shipping costs are not refundable under any circumstance.

    If there was an error on our part concerning your order, or you receive a defective part, please call us at 1-888-877-1008. We will then walk you through filling out the Merchandise Authorization Form with the appropriate information, and which actions will be taken next.

    Applies to Parts Orders for up to 30 days after Delivery ONLY.


  13. All parts returns must have the Merchandise Authorization Form filled out, and included in the package, for the return to be processed. We reserve the right to refuse any, and all, returns, without the proper return form included.

  14. Refunds will be given only in the same manner as original payment. This means if you paid via PayPal, we will refund you via PayPal. And if you paid via card payment, a credit will be issued on the same card that was used to make the purchase.                                                                                      

  15. If you receive a damaged package, please keep all the packaging.

    The shipping carrier or the freight company will need photo documentation to inspect, when we file the claim.

    Please inspect your package immediately upon receipt. Examine the box for any visible outside damage, as well as the parts inside for any hidden damage that may have occurred during shipping.

    Please take multiple photos of all sides and angles of the box. As well as the contents and the shipping label.

    In the rare event that your package is damaged in transit, you must contact us at your earliest convenience. That way we can file a claim with the delivery company immediately, as most delivery companies have set time limits on damage claims notifications. Failure to do so may result in the loss of your claim.

    Do not send the package back to us.

    Sometimes more information or photos are required, so it is very important that you retain all packaging until the claim is settled.

    Please call us for instructions on how to proceed. 1-888-877-1008.                                                                                                                                     

  16. If you have any questions or issues with your parts once you receive them, please call the PATC Parts Department at:

    1-888-877-1008, Monday – Friday, 8am – 4.30pm Central Time.

    You have 30 days from the day you receive your order to report any issues.

    We appreciate your business! – The team at PATC Transmission


Performance Automotive Transmission Center


Transmission and Accompanying Converter

All PATC Transmissions and Accompanying Converters are warranted for: TWELVE (12) MONTHS, with unlimited mileage.

With the following terms and conditions:

1. The warranty period starts from the invoice date. This is the date of purchase.

The warranty period does not start over if a problem occurs.

2. During this twelve month period PATC has the right to determine if a transmission or accompanying torque converter is eligible for repair, if it has been confirmed by PATC that the failure was caused due to defective materials or workmanship.

3. PATC warranties the workmanship and materials on the transmission and the accompanying converter only. Any other parts on the vehicle are not covered by this warranty.

4. This warranty only covers the PATC-built torque converter that was purchased with the transmission, if it was installed with the PATC-built transmission.

5. This limited warranty only covers the original purchaser. This warranty is non-transferable, meaning it will not be transferred to a new owner if the vehicle is sold.

6. Taking the torque converter apart, or removing the pan of the transmission will result in immediate termination of the warranty and will result in forfeiture of all rights of the customer under the warranty.

7. You are responsible for any damage caused by a wreck.

8. You are responsible for misuse, abuse and neglect. Your motor must be in tune for your transmission to work correctly. Damage caused by an overheating motor is not covered under this warranty.

9. You are responsible for maintaining the correct fluid level in the transmission. Transmission failure due to improper fluid level maintenance is not covered under this warranty.

10. PATC is not responsible for drive shafts breaking or U-joints coming apart and causing damage to anything.

11. Your passing gear or throttle valve linkage must be hooked up and adjusted correctly at all times, if not this could damage your transmission.

12. PATC is not responsible for any costs incurred due to vehicle downtime.

13. PATC is not responsible for any and all incidental, consequential, property or personal damages of any kind.

14. For local orders: If a fluid leak is found, or other transmission difficulties occur, it is your responsibility to bring the vehicle in immediately.

15. For local orders: You are responsible for all wrecker charges.

16. The dollar amount of the invoice is the most for which this shop can be held liable.

17. All warranty work is, and shall be, performed in house, by PATC.


  • Removal, replacement and installation costs.

  • Removal and replacement in the event of a failure.

  • Shipping costs.

  • Making sure there are no fluid leaks.

  • Throttle valve linage is adjusted correctly.

  • Flushing of the cooling lines and torque converter.

  • Lubricating torque converter and torque converter hub.

  • Maintaining and insuring correct fluid level.

  • Correct alignment of converter with the oil pump and flywheel.

  • Any damage caused by incorrect installation, such as leaks or restricted cooler lines.

If a transmission is damaged due to any reason not covered by this warranty, PATC is willing to do the repair, if the customer is willing to pay for the labor, parts and freight.

If you run into any issues with your transmission or accompanying converter,

please call us at 1-318-742-7784, or 1-318-550-5731.


  1. Normal wear and tear.

  2. Failure due to and / or unauthorized repairs.

  3. Transmission case breakage for any reason.

  4. Planetary gear, shaft, or drum breakage, unless determined by PATC that the part was defective when installed.

  5. Broken flywheels.

  6. Pump damage due to improper installation.

  7. Fire damage of any kind.

  8. Water damage of any kind, including water damage caused from radiator leaks, or deep water.

  9. Transmission and torque converter failure due to improper installation or maintenance.

  10. Transmission failure due to breakage of any other components such as the drive shaft.

  11. Failure due to excessive use of nitrous.

  12. Transmission failure due to a defective torque converter not supplied by us.

  13. Failure in transmissions that are used without a transmission cooler in the radiator.

  14. Stuck valves caused by debris from a previous transmission failure.

  15. Failure due to towing too much weight.

  16. Failure due to driving in 4WD on pavement.

  17. Transmissions used in wrecker vehicles, or transmissions in vehicles used to tow a livestock trailer.

  18. Failure due to being stuck in the mud.

  19. Failure due to excessive horse power (over 450HP) or torque.

  20. Failure due to a sudden shock, such as neutral dropping, or a wreck.

  21. Failure due to any type of racing, or other sport, with a motor over 450 flywheel horse power.

There will be no refunds on damaged transmissions or accompanying torque converters if PATC determines failure was caused due to a reason not covered in this limited warranty.


If you have an issue with the purchased transmission or accompanying torque converter, please contact our team and we will discuss if a repair, or if a return is in order.

Contact us at 318-742-7784 or 318-550-5732, to discuss your transmission or torque converter issue.

All transmissions and accompanying converters must be returned intact.

Neither transmissions nor torque converters will not be accepted if they have been disassembled.

If it is deemed that a repair may be in order, we will freight in the transmission or torque converter in question, at our expense. But if upon arrival it becomes apparent the failure was due to reasons not covered under our warranty, you will become responsible for those freight charges.

There is a 15% restocking fee on all uninstalled transmission and torque converter returns, plus you must pay all freight charges for the return.

Transmissions and/or accompanying converters will not be accepted without authorization from PATC.

For core charges to be refunded, the core must be returned to us within one (1) year from the invoice date, in rebuild-able condition. If past the one year mark, please contact us to discuss your core return.

We do not RMA the core, you are responsible for the freight charges for the return. Our core charges are calculated with the average freight charges included.

WE THANK YOU FOR YOUR BUSINESS! – The Team at PATC – Performance Automotive Transmission


BUSINESS HOURS: Monday – Friday, 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M., Central Time. PATC LLC reachable by phone: 1-318-742-7784, 1-318-742-7754, 1-888-877-1008.