Raptor Drive

Raptor Drive 700R4 / 4L60E Performance Input Drum and Input Shaft. Extreme Duty Raptor Drive Package. Hardened drum / shaft assembly plus a hardened reaction shell.  #45. 700R4 / Early 4L60E / C5 Corvette Extreme Duty Raptor Drive Package. You get a hardened drum assembly plus a hardened reaction shell and bearing. Every time you think there’s nothing else that can be done to a 700R4, here it comes. These parts are made to with-stand way over 600 foot pounds of torque. Made with new input drums and shafts. Starting with a high grade of steel this shaft is hardened by electric induction. This shaft is 57% harder than a standard OE shaft. Comes with the Sonnax Input Drum Support Ring installed. You get a #77749-02K Sonnax Smart Shell Kit, #45-1 Sonnax input drum support ring kit with overrun billet piston, plus a new 4L70E input drum and shaft. Fits late 1987 up.

This is the hot new item on the street, for high performance, towing and heavy vehicles. Twice as strong as the stock parts.

• All new High Strength shaft and drum assembly

• 57% harder than standard OE shaft

• Reinforced input drum and  Smart Shell

Extreme Duty Hardened 700R4 / 4L60E Drum, Call for Details 1-888-2012066.


Extreme Duty Hardened Reaction Shell and Bearing.

Complaint, splines seem to crack and tear away from the shell due to torque and flex.


Correction, hardened and reinforced shell tested at the same foot pounds of torque as the Raptor Drive drum and shaft.

Complaint, spider cracks on drum at shaft area are caused by hard 1-2 shifts, high torque or heavy vehicle.


Correction, hardened reinforcement drum sleeve / input shaft 57% harder than stock.

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