2002-2006 4L65E “Upgrade Combo Kit” This is the Combo Kit you need if . . . .

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#K4L65E. ” 2002-2006 4L65E Upgrade Combo Kit “

#K4L65E. ” 2002-2006 4L65E Upgrade Kit “ This is the Combo Kit you need if your 4L65E transmission is in good condition but you want a much stronger transmission (not Corvette). You get both Superior oversize servos – overdrive and intermediate, an oversize pressure valve, The Smart Shell, late model Raptor Drive kit, extra wide carbon fiber band and an 8 clutch Red Eagle Power Pack with full thickness Kolene steels for the 3-4 clutch set. (The pressure valve wont fit 2005 up transmissions. Add $10.00 2005-2006)  This kit doesn’t include a master kit. SAVE $88.00 HERE !, 10% OFF

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Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 16 × 7 in


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