4L60E Super Master Combo Kit, Master 700-E Raptor Rebuild Kit (4L60E Level 3) 1993-1996

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4L60E Super Master Combo Kit, Master 700-E Raptor Rebuild Kit.

# 24. Master 700-E Raptor Rebuild Kit (4L60E 93-96). This package deal comes with: an Alto master rebuild kit with an 8 clutch Red Eagle Power Pack and full thickness Kolene steels for the 3-4 clutch, “The Beast” reaction shell, pump bushing, case bushing, extra wide sun gear bushing, wide stator support bushing, pump seal retainer, filter, heavy duty / high performance converter – #2 or on the converter list with your choice of stall speeds up to 2800 RPM, thrust washer kit, high performance Superior 2nd gear billet servo (not a Corvette servo), high performance Superior overdrive billet servo, oversize pressure boost valve, 29 element Borg Warner forward input sprag,13 vane pump kit, performance 1-2 accumulator spring, special intermediate servo release check valve, high output pump slide spring, Alto Carbonite Power Band with thicker hardened anchors that holds in second and overdrive, Transgo separator plate and a Code 1870 Fix Valve Plug. Now you can tow 6,000 pounds in overdrive, try that with a stock 4L60E transmission. Fits 1993-1996 4L60E transmissions. This is the exact parts list we use in our level 3 700E Raptor transmission, a total of 17 upgraded parts. We need to know your motor type and stall speed needed. 10% Off

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Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in


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