*68RFE Torque Converter 68RFE Triple Clutch Billet with Low Stall Aluminum Stator Number 68B

$ 1733.00

Torque *

Core Charge ? *


” 68RFE Triple-Disk Billet “

  ” Triple-Disk “ Cummins Diesel 68RFE Triple Clutch Billet Converter with a Billet Apply Piston. The billet CNC piston will not flex. It has 112 square inches of RED clutch apply surface compared to 50 square inches in a stock converter. This is a whopping 124% increase in apply area. Yes that’s over twice the holding ability of a factory converter plus a much better clutch lining.

#68B. 68RFE Triple Clutch Billet Torque Converter complete with billet aluminum Low Stall Stator. This stator cuts 300 RPM off of the stall speed.

There will be a $275.00 core charge added to Dodge diesel torque converters.