*68RFE Torque Converter 3 Clutch Billet with Damper and Billet Steel Stator Upgrade Number 68S.SS

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Number 68S.SS 68RFE 3 Clutch Billet Converter with Damper and Billet Steel Stator Upgrade.

Trucks with the Dodge Cummins diesel engine are commonly pushed beyond the limits for which they were designed. To upgrade the torque converter, PATC offers a heavy duty multi-plate converter clutch kit for the Chrysler 68RFE converter. The new Converter Assembly easily boost the converter capacity versus the stock one. The lock-up clutch is not a salvaged OE clutch, it is a new and unique design. The lock-up clutch damper can be tuned to work with engines ranging from stock up to 1,250 ft-lb of torque.

What makes this particular converter so unique is the fact we have incorporated a new state of the damper assembly that now allows you enjoy the benefits of a triple disc converter without the transmission tuning parameters being altered. It is common within the Cummins community to need an aftermarket programmer installed and modified torque converter release times when switching to a triple disk billet in conjunction with the 68RFE. The converter can at times cause the vehicle demonstrate a slight shudder upon deceleration if not released. This is specifically caused by the removal of the factory Damper assembly. Another unique characteristic of this new converter is the dampener can be tuned by the removal or addition of internal dampener springs, giving us the opportunity to custom build the characteristics of this new billet torque converter to match your vehicles particular needs. This converter also carries 3 torque converter lock-up disc internally to spread the load. We also have a CNC’D billet apply piston allowing absolutely no deflection when applied. When this new converter is combined with our billet stators you now have unmatched efficiency with mountains of torque at your disposal. #68S.SS with the Billet Steel Stator cuts stall speed 500 RPM.

There will be a $275.00 core charge added to Dodge diesel torque converters.


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