Level 4 700R4 Mega Raptor

Chevy 700R4 Transmission – Level 4

This is the transmission that couldn’t be built until now, because the parts weren’t available. As the 700R4 transmission becomes more and more popular, stronger parts come on the market. This transmission has every heavy duty / high performance part on the market plus all of the tricks we’ve learned in our twenty years of building high performance / heavy duty 700R4 transmissions. This is the strongest 700R4 transmission that can be built bar-none. If it doesn’t have it, it can be added as an extra. Here are some of the parts that come as standard on the 700 Mega Raptor. You get everything that comes with the 700 Raptor plus the Raptor Drive Package, Torque Master Package and the five pinion planet gears. This transmission is good for any type of heavy duty / performance use up to 700 horse power / 700 foot pounds of torque using pump gasoline, 4WD, towing, street rods, drag racing, big block, one tons and others.