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Chevy 700R4 Transmission – Level 4

This is the transmission that couldn’t be built until now, because the parts weren’t available. As the 700R4 transmission becomes more and more popular, stronger parts come on the market. This transmission has every heavy duty / high performance part on the market plus all of the tricks we’ve learned in our twenty years of building high performance / heavy duty 700R4 transmissions. This is the strongest 700R4 transmission that can be built bar-none. If it doesn’t have it, it can be added as an extra. Here are some of the parts that come as standard on the 700 Mega Raptor. You get everything that comes with the 700 Raptor plus the Raptor Drive Package, Torque Master Package and the five pinion planet gears. This transmission is good for any type of heavy duty / performance use up to 700 horse power / 700 foot pounds of torque using pump gasoline, 4WD, towing, street rods, drag racing, big block, one tons and others. See ratings chart below.

700R4 / Early 4L60E Extreme Duty Raptor Drive Package. You get a hardened drum assembly plus a hardened reaction shell and bearing. Every time you think there’s nothing else that can be done to a 700R4, here it comes. These parts are made to with-stand way over 600 foot pounds of torque. Made with new input drums and new hardened input shafts. Starting with a high grade of steel this shaft is hardened by electric induction. This shaft is 57% harder than a standard OE shaft. Comes with the Sonnax Input Drum Support Ring installed. Fits late 1987 up.

For farther information on these parts please call toll free, 1-888-2012066. We use these parts in our level four 700 Mega Raptor and 700-E Mega Raptor transmissions.

This is the hot new item on the street, for high performance, towing and heavy vehicles. Twice as strong as the stock parts.

Extreme Duty Hardened 700R4 / 4L60E Drum, Call for Details 1-888-2012066.

Extreme Duty Hardened Reaction Shell and Bearing.

Complaint, splines seem to crack and tear away from the shell due to torque and flex.


Correction, hardened and reinforced shell tested at the same foot pounds of torque as the Raptor Drive drum and shaft.

Complaint, spider cracks on drum at shaft area are caused by hard 1-2 shifts, high torque or heavy vehicle.


Correction, hardened reinforcement drum sleeve / input shaft 57% harder than stock.

Extreme Duty reaction carrier shaft with bearings (Torque Master Package). This shaft and hub attaches to the rear planet gear. The old style shaft uses thrust washers where as the new style shaft is machined to accept thrust needle bearings. This three piece kit comes with the shaft and two thrust needle bearings. This was the last part needed making it possible to build the entire transmission without the use of thrust washers. Ask our competition if their transmission contains this part. This reaction carrier shaft was designed for the increased torque load of the 6.0L version of the Gen III V-8, as well as Corvette’s LS6 engine. Fit 1982 up 700R4, 4L60E and 4L65E type transmissions.

Extreme Duty planet gears with 5 pinion gears. These two planet gears (19X and 19XX) are twenty years past due, this has always been a weak point on the 700R4 transmissions. These 5 pinion 2002 type gears are at least 25% stronger than the old type. The use of five pinion gears for the input and reaction gear sets spreads the torque load so that less of the load is held by any one gear. These five pinion reaction carriers where designed for the increased torque load of the 6.0L version of the Gen III V-8, as well as Corvette’s LS6 engine

Extreme Duty front planet with 5 pinion gears (right side).

You get all of the features of the world famous 700 Raptor transmission plus all of the above features as standard equipment on the 700 Mega Raptor transmission. Plus a PATC T-shirt and your choice of a transmission cooler or deep factory type pan. All of the above for the price shown below without the torque converter. Comes without the torque converter.

700R4 Transmissions Level 1 – “Stock Plus” Mega Valve and Corvette Servo Level 2 – “Heavy Duty” 700 Raptor Junior Level 3 – “Super Duty” 700 Raptor Level 4 – “Extreme Duty” 700 Mega Raptor Level 5 – “Extreme Duty” 700 Extreme Raptor
Torque Converter Stock #1 #2 Carbon Fiber Clutch No – You Pick. We recommend our #MR-2 or #2B No – You Pick. We recommend our #MR-2 or #2B
Throttle Valve Cable No No Yes Yes Yes
Dip Stick and Tube No No Yes Yes Yes
Free Shirt Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Core Charge Included Included Included Included Included
Servos Corvette Oversize 35% & 50% Oversize 35% & 50% Oversize 35% & 50% Oversize 35% & 50%
Pressure Valve .500″ .500″ .500″ .500″ .500″
Band Stock Alto Carbon Fiber with Thicker Hardened Anchors Alto Carbon Fiber with Thicker Hardened Anchors Alto Carbon Fiber with Thicker Hardened Anchors Alto Wide Carbon Fiber with Thicker Hardened Anchors + Bearing on the Band Drum
Clutches Alto Brown Alto Brown 3 – 4 Clutch, 8 Red Eagle clutches with full thickness Kolene steels 3 – 4 Clutch, 8 Red Eagle clutches with full thickness Kolene steels 3 – 4 Clutch, 9 Red Eagle clutches with full thickness Kolene steels
3 – 4 Clutch Upgrade Replace 6 brown with 8 Red Eagle clutches and Kolene steels in the 3-4 clutch drum for only $69.00 Replace 6 brown with 8 Red Eagle clutches and Kolene steels in the 3-4 clutch drum for only $69.00 —— —— ——
Free Cooler or Deep Chrome Pan No Choice of One Choice of One Choice of One Choice of One
Stall Speeds 1600, 1800, 2000 1700, 2000, 2500 1200, 1400, 1600, 1800, 2000, 2300, 2600, 2800 You Pick You Pick
Speedometer Gears Extra Extra Extra Extra Extra
Raptor Drive Package, Recommended for over 450 Torque. No Add $428.00 Add $428.00 Yes Smart Tech Input Drum, holds 9 full thickness Red Eagle clutches
Input Shaft Stock Stock or Hardened Stock or Hardened Hardened Billet
Torque Master Kit No No No Yes Yes
5 or 6 Pinion Planet Gears No No No Yes 2, 5 Pinion Yes 5 Pinion Rear, 6 Pinion Front Power Gear
Corvette Governor No No If Needed If Needed If Needed
Oversize Lo/Rev Boost Valve No Yes Yes Yes Yes
13 Vane Pump on Request No No Yes Yes Billet Pump Rotor
Elevated Pressure Regulator Spring No No Yes Yes Yes
Beast Reaction Shell No Yes Yes Raptor Drive Shell Sonnax Smart Shell
#38 Pump Slide Spring No No Yes Yes Yes
#41 Servo Valve No No Yes Yes Yes
29 Element Forward Sprag No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Performance 1-2 Accumulator Spring No No Yes Yes Yes
#19B Extra Wide Sun Gear Bushing No No Yes Yes Yes
#19CB Extra Wide Rear Stator Support Bushing No No Yes Yes Yes
4th Gear Lock-Up Only Stock Wiring Yes Yes Yes Yes
Comments Better than stock with the Mega Valve and Corvette servo. Tow up to 4000 pounds in overdrive. Tow up to 6000 pounds in overdrive. All But Smart Tech Input Drum, Billet Input Shaft, 6 Pinion Power Gear, Billet Pump Rotor Best of Everything
2WD, 4WD Price $1499.00 $2249.00 $2595.00 $3269.00, plus converter $4480.00, plus converter
Quantity Discount Buy two level 3, 4 or 5 transmissions and converters at the same time and receive $50.00 off on each.

2.84 to 1 Power Gear Upgrade $346.00 on Level 4, $599.00 on Level 3, Five Pinion Planet Gears, Raptor Drive Package, Torque Master Package, Cast Aluminum Pans, Deep Chrome Pan, Powder Coating, 4WD Case, Tail Housing with Mount, Poly Mount, Speedometer Gears, MegaRaptor, Bionic MegaRaptor, #2X or #5X Converter, Drain Plug, Beast Reaction Shell, LS1 type Bolt Pattern Bell housing, Wide Band, Full manual shift valve body, Hardened Output Shaft, Pinless Accumulator Pistons. You can add or subtract from any level transmission.


The price doesn’t include C4 Corvette tail housings. The tail housing will be left off if you are going to use your old speedometer parts. Speedometer parts are extra.

Transmission ratings are for non-supercharged systems using pump gasoline. Superchargers, Turbo Chargers, Nitrous, 4WD, Oversize Tires and Weight will lower these ratings.
Transmission Horse Power Rating Torque Rating
Level 5 –  700 Extreme Raptor 1000+ 800
700 Mega Raptor 700 700
700 Raptor 600 450 / 600 with Raptor Drive package
700 Raptor Junior 500 400 / 500 with Raptor Drive package
Stock +, 700R4 350 300


Performance Automotive and Transmission Center

Part Orders 1-888-2012066

Transmission Orders 1-888-2012066


4WD Correct Rear End Ratio for Tire Size
29 Inch Tall Tire 3.73 to 1 or Lower
31 Inch Tall Tire 4.10 to 1 or Lower
33 Inch Tall Tire 4.56 to 1 or Lower


Transmission Ratios 1st to 2nd Ratio Drop 1st Gear 2nd Gear 3rd Gear 4th Gear OD
Turbo 350 1 2.52 1.52 1 N/A
Turbo 400 1 2.48 1.48 1 N/A
200- 4R 1.17 2.74 1.57 1 0.67
700R4 / 4L60E with PATC close ratio gear set. Low geared 1st with 11.72% less 1st to 2nd RPM drop than the wide ratio gear set. This is the same ratio as a 4R70W transmission. 1.28 2.84 1.56 1 0.70
700R4 1.43 3.06 1.63 1 0.70
4L80E 1 2.48 1.48 1 0.75