TH400 Transmission Level 1 TH400 “TH400 Stock Plus” Comes with Heavy Duty Torque Converter

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TH400 Level 1 –  “TH400 Stock Plus”

This transmission comes with a mild shift kit and a heavy duty torque converter with TIG welded fins.

(We’ve tested 400 transmissions against 350 transmissions and the 400 transmissions were faster.)

400 TransmissionsLevel 1 – StockLevel 2 – 400 Terminator Level 3 – 400 Raptor
Torque ConverterStock#7No – You Pick
Stall Speeds18001800, 2000, 2600No
Free FreightNoUp to $50.00Up to $50.00
Speedometer GearsExtraExtraExtra
Fairbanks TransAction KitNoYesYes
Alto Black Front BandNoYesYes, Wide
34 Element Sprag and DrumNoYesYes
Core ChargeNoNoNo
Tail Housing4 or 9 Inch4 or 9 Inch4 or 9 Inch
4 Clutch Intermediate Brown Power PackNoYesNo
Alto Kolene Steels and RedEagle PowerPacks in all 3 Clutch SetsNoNoYes
Heavy-Duty forward drum and hard Input Shaft with oversize splinesNoNoYes
Hard Forward Clutch HubNoNoYes
2WD Price shown, add $100.00 on 4WD case and $149.00 on some 4WD output shafts.Chevy $1289.00$1729.00$2499.00 plus converter
Transmission Horse Power Rating400 (with #7 converter)800 (with #6X – 400 converter)1200
UpgradesCast Aluminum Pan, Powder Coating, Alto Red Eagle Power Packs, 4WD Case, Gear Venders 22% Overdrive
CommentsWhen ordering a 4WD TH400 transmission we need to know how far the output shaft sticks out past the case. If you  have a 454 motor the #7 torque converter that comes with the level 2 TH400 will require a dual bolt pattern flywheel.


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