SONNAX 77966-94MK 700R4 Throttle Valve Plunger Valve Kit

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700R4 Throttle Valve Plunger Valve Kit

Part No. 77966-94MK

  • Plunger
  • Sleeve
  • Spring

Prevents forced 4-3 kickdown below three-quarter throttle

Poor line rise or no detent downshifts can be common complaints in vehicles with a THM 700-R4 transmission. The steel throttle valve plunger continuously reciprocates within the aluminum throttle valve plunger sleeve, wearing the sleeve. This wear allows throttle valve feed oil to leak past the plunger and exhaust, resulting in poor line rise and problematic downshifts. In addition, the OE spring is weak and can result in low line rise, insufficient throttle pressure and, ultimately, 3-4 clutch failure.

  • Sleeve is made from high-quality aluminum to prevent wear.
  • Sleeve and plunger have been tightly toleranced to restore hydraulic integrity.
  • Kits include an improved throttle valve spring designed to maintain higher line pressure and improved TV performance.
  • High performance kit eliminates the part throttle sleeve orifice, allowing for full throttle upshifts from 3rd gear to overdrive.

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