AOD AODE 4R70W Smart-Tech High Capacity Forward Clutch Drum Kit Sonnax Number 76655-01K

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Sonnax 76655-01K, AOD / AODE / 4R70W / 4R70E Smart-Tech High Capacity Forward Clutch Drum Kit. This drum can hold 6 or 7 clutch plates for a 20% to 40% increase in hold power, plus you can use a better clutch material for even better results.

Forward clutch durability is an issue in listed Ford performance applications. This problem often is addressed by eliminating the wave plate to fit more clutches, but plate removal creates harsh engagements and affects shift timing. Another common failure of stamped drums is cracking at the snap ring groove. The unique design of the Sonnax Smart-Tech high capacity forward clutch drum kit 76655-01K increases clutch capacity without abandoning the wave plate. The forged, one-piece drum prevents clutch drum breakage by eliminating weakness at critical stress points.

Increase Clutch Capacity, No Modifications Required
The physically larger clutch pack area in the Sonnax drum kit increases capacity by 20% when using six OE-thickness frictions and steels. Capacity can be increased by 40% using seven frictions when an early, thinner waved spring is used in conjunction with the kit’s 0.55” bottom steel plate. Using OE-thickness steels maximizes heat dissipation to prevent burnt clutches.

Prevent Clutch Drum Breakage
The manufacturing process of the OE snap ring groove creates high-stress points around the circumference of the forward drum. The drum is active in 1st, 2nd and 3rd gear ranges and suffers the most abuse on a forced 4-3 kick down when it reapplies at higher pressure. The concurrent pressure from the forward clutch piston combined with the high stress at the snap ring groove causes the upper portion of the drum to split and separate at the groove. Depending on severity of the crack, this can result in no forward engagement or slipping in 1st, 2nd and 3rd gear. The one-piece, forged Sonnax drum kit is more durable than stamped drums and features increased groove depth for additional ring support.

  • Increase clutch capacity by 20% or 40% without removing the wave plate
  • One-piece, forged drum design prevents cracking
  • Optional thinner bottom steel plate and retaining ring allow a broad range of clutch clearance adjustments


Cannot be used with 2004-2005 riveted style sun gear shell. For applications with front speed sensor and riveted style sun shell, replace sun shell with later design without rivets (OE Part No. 5L3Z-7A019-AB) or aftermarket equivalent.

  • Increase clutch capacity by 20% without removing the wave plate
  • One-piece, forged drum design prevents cracking

To replace an AOD cast forward drum requires updating the clutch pack with AODE style friction, steel & waved plates, backing plate and retaining ring.

  • Drum High Capacity
  • Bottom Steel Plate 0.55″ Thick


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Weight 6 lbs
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