* 45RFE, 68RFE Solenoid Assembly 2018 Back (WHITE CONNECTOR)

$ 399.00

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45RFE 68RFE SOLENOID ASSEMBLY FITS 2018 BACK WHITE CONNECTOR the early type 2003 back (black plug) and 2004 up type have a white plug now. The 2003 back solenoid is shipped with a cam plate to make it work with the white plug solenoid.

SOLENOID ASSY 45RFE 04-UP 68RFE 07-UP WHITE CONNECTOR Replaces Grey Connector Blocks.

All 04-UP W/White Connectors. 99-03 W/ Black Connector Can Be Replaced W/ White Connector If Used W/ TRS Cam Plate (Incl In D72420) 

PLEASE NOTE:  These solenoid packs are tested and proven by the manufacturer prior to shipping to ensure quality
That being said, they ship soaking in ATF and are double bagged. Although often times the boxes will be stained from the fluid that can leak out.

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Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 5 in