* 057757DX POWER PACK 700R4 / 4L60E 3-4 CLUTCH, G3 8 PACK WITH LINDERED STEELS 1982-UP, For Smart Tech Drum Only

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# 057757DX POWER PACK ,700R4 / 4L60E 3-4 CLUTCH, G3 8 PACK WITH LINDERED STEELS, 1982-UP, For Smart Tech Drum Only. IN STOCK NOW !

 ALTO PART # 057757DX. Alto # 057757DX POWERPACK CONTENTS:  (8) G3 FRICTIONS .062” # 057744C158,  (3) LINDERED® STEELS .095” # 057725A242 (4) LINDERED STEELS .106” # 057725A270

Note: This kit is designed to be used with the Sonnax Smart-Tech Input Housing Drum Kit and will not work in a stock Input Drum. It is very important that you follow the instructions that are included with the Sonnax Smart-Tech Input Housing Kit.

INSTALLING THE POWERPACK KIT INTO THE SONNAX SMART-TECH INPUT HOUSING.  Install the Sonnax bottom apply plate with the five tabs down, facing the 3-4 apply ring. Install a .062” G3 friction plate, then a .106” Lindered steel plate, Alternate friction & steel plate, ending with a friction plate (alternate .106” & .095” steel plates during the stack-up). Measure the clearance from the face (top) of the housing down to the top friction plate. Clutch clearance should be .040” – 060”. Install the longer Sonnax 3-4 clutch return springs. These are required to keep the clutch pack from dragging at high RPM’s. Install the Sonnax bolt-on anchor plate onto the input housing. Apply a drop of Loctite to the threads of each screw & torque to 51 in-lb. working in a crisscross (star) pattern. Air check the 3-4 clutch several times to ensure that all of the components are seated properly.

Carbonite G3 is a (non-asbestos) organic based friction material with impregnated carbon graphitic particles. Carbon adds lubricity and high thermal stability to the friction material.


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