T-3000AC Jack Buddy Transmission Jack Adapter, 4R100, 4R70W and Others

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Safely support transmissions on your jack! 4R100, 4R70W, 5R55E / N / W / S, A604 and many more! Many automatic transmissions have irregularly shaped oil pans. Ford RWD’s are known for this, typically making necessary the use of chunks of wood to level the unit on the jack to ready it for installation. Ask any R and R tech and they’re likely to admit to how awkward this can be. Unfortunately, too often we find this out when we hear an expletive shortly before a crash. Or when the tech is out for a week laid up with a strained back or, worst case, their career is ended. We decided to put pen to paper to solve this problem. We’ve developed this sturdy solution that has already been hailed as the new must-have shop item. The Jack Buddy is designed to fit the most popular, air-assisted under car transmission jacks that are equipped with ratcheting-style supports. They install in minutes!

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Weight 17 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 12 in