*AODE 4R70W Interceptor Super Master Rebuild Kit 1992-2002

$ 885.00

AODE or 4R70W *

Add 2500 Stall Speed *

Add Upgraded Solenoid *

Add Hard Intermediate Shaft *

What Year? *

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#12 —  AODE / 4R70W, Interceptor super master rebuild kit.

This is the same exact parts list we use in our Interceptor transmission.

This package deal comes with: a quality master rebuild kit with the eight count Alto Red Eagle direct clutch Power Pack, the new mechanical diode kit that came on the market in 1999,  high performance Fairbanks TransAction Kit with an oversized overdrive servo and spiral snap ring, carbon fiber overdrive band, heavy duty converter with oversize clutch (#13) with 1800 stall speed, filter, pressure spring and valve or pressure spring. You can add or subtract from this package deal. Fits AODE and 4R70W transmissions 1992-2002.

We need to know the year, motor type and AODE or 4R70W.

Add $121.00 for the 2500 stall speed.

Add a #59 upgraded pressure solenoid for $49.00. If you have a 1997 or older transmission we recommended you change your solenoid.

Add $190.00 for the hard intermediate shaft.