* RTK-1001, Allison 1000 C1 Frictions and Steels, Raybestos C1 TorqKit.

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Allison C1 Frictions and Steels. 1999-ON

#C1, RTK-1001 Raybestos LT1000, LT2000 Allison C1 Torqkit Drop in Module for your Allison transmission. This complete drop in kit features the latest Raybestos Black friction material making this new RTK-1001 Raybestos TORQKIT a complete solution for all your C1 clutch pack needs. This new kit will increase the clutch pack an astonishing 33% over the factory unit. This will bring your total clutch count from 6 internal and 6 external splined clutches to 8 internal and 8 externally splined clutches. So your friction count goes from 12 to an astonishing 16 frictions not only improving friction coefficient but friction surface area as well. This kit is a complete drop in kit and includes two different apply plates, thick apply plate fits 2001-2005 and the thin apply plate fits 2006 up. No other machining needed is required for this new drop in C1 Clutch kit. This new Torqkit fits both 5 and 6 speed Allison transmission form 99 up. We include two separate apply plates, thin fits a 6 speed Allison and the thick fits 5 speed.

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Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 9 in