1969 to 1980 TH350 transmissions. Combo Kit comes with parts we use in our level 3 TH350 Raptor transmission

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#K350L3. Fits all 1969 to 1980 GM Turbo 350 transmissions. This Combo Kit comes with all of the parts we use in our level 3 TH350 Mega Raptor transmission. The level 3 TH350 Combo Kit is good for motors up to 600 horse power. This transmission comes with our #550 9.5 inch torque converter rated at 1000 horse power. It comes with a balloon plate to prevent converter ballooning, a black carbon fiber intermediate band for more holding power, an Alto Red Eagle master rebuild kit with red clutches and Kolene steels #032905HP, a high performance Fairbanks TransAction Shift Kit #31006. The low / reverse roller clutch is replaced with a much larger late model 700R4 roller clutch. We replaced the intermediate roller clutch with a much larger 36 element sprag and drum, this is the main weak point on the TH350 transmission #327900. Plus you get a free PATC shirt.

This kit has a 10% Discount as an added Bonus!

      Part Number: 31006      

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Weight 70 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 18 × 8 in