Level 3 TH350 Mega Raptor

<img src=”https://transmissioncenter.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Raptor2002-1.gif” width=”125″ height=”81″ border=”0″ /> “350 Raptor” and “350 Mega Raptor” High Performance TH350 Transmissions

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The 350 Raptor street / strip transmissions come with a high performance Fairbanks TransAction Shift Kit installed. The front band is replaced with an Alto carbon fiber band for more holding power. The stock intermediate roller clutch outer race is replaced with a Sonnax hardened race for added strength. This is the main weak point on the TH350 transmission. The low / reverse roller clutch is replaced with a larger late model 700R4 roller clutch. You have your choice of a 6 inch or 9 inch tail. No trade-in needed on this one. Add a stall converter to this baby and you have yourself a high performance street / strip transmission. The level 2 TH350 is good for motors up to 400 horse power.

The level 2 TH350 transmission can be yours for $1541.00 without a trade-in. As an added bonus, add a high performance / heavy duty 2600 RPM stall converter for only $218.00 (#7). Level 2 cost $1759.00 total. This converter gives a faster launch and has furnace brazed fins, is balanced and has all bearing construction. The level 3 TH350 comes with Alto Red Eagle clutches and Kolene steels plus a much larger 36 element sprag and the #8 torque converter. All transmissions come with a free PATC shirt. The level 3 TH350 is good for motors up to 600 horse power. Level 3 cost $2159.00 plus converter. The This is a 2WD transmission, a 4WD output shaft can be added as a $68.00 upgrade.

Level 2  TH350 Transmission & #7 Torque Converter, rated at 400 HP.

Level 3 TH350 Transmission & #8 Torque Converter, rated at 600 HP.

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