Transmission PAN, 4L60E 1997 up C5 Corvette, PML DEEP As-Cast Number 8650-3-AC

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Transmission PAN, 4L60E 1997 up C5 Corvette, PML DEEP As Cast

PML transmission pans feature sand-cast aluminum construction with raised fins, thick walls to add strength to the transmission case, and a machined gasket surface for a secure seal.

Volume: 3.5 quarts over stock C5 pan

Number of Bolts: 16

PML designed this pan specifically for C5 Corvette owners who push their Corvettes to the limit and for owners who just want to take care of their Corvettes.

This pan allows for adding transmission fluid through the pan as required by 4L60 transmission in the C5 Corvette. The fill hole is on the driver’s side. A plug is included with hardware.


This PML pan adds strength and aids in heat dissipation while maintaining ground clearance. It is a bolt-on replacement for the C5 Corvette stock pan.

This PML pan features extra capacity and will hold 3½ quarts more than the stock pan. Heavy duty sand cast aluminum construction adds strength to the transmission case. The fins on the bottom of the pan and the extra capacity keep the fluid cool. Cooler running temperatures through expanded oil capacity and raised fins will help reduce wear and tear on the transmission.

This pan is designed to fit 1997 to 2004 C5 Corvettes with the GM 4 speed automatic transmission. Please check your Corvette as configurations vary.

The drain hole and magnetic drain plug allow for easy transmission servicing to keep your Corvette running smoothly.


Additional information

Weight 13 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 16 × 7 in