Alto 031701BXPS, TH400 4L80E Forward and Direct 14 Tooth Steel, Anti-Drag Performance Steel

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TH400 4L80E Forward and Direct 14 Tooth Steels. Anti-Drag Performance Steel Number 031701BXPS. (1)

PRODUCT TYPE: Steel Plate (OAT .060″)
TH400 1964-95
4L80E 1990-On
Forward and Direct .060″ Steel Plates (Forward and Direct Drums have 14 Splines)

Early Numbers ———————————————– Late Numbers
# 031701A Steel 12 Teeth ——————————– # 031701B Steel 14 Teeth
# 031701AK Kolene Steel 12 Teeth ——————- # 031701BK Kolene Steel 14 Teeth
# 031701APS Performance Steel 12 Teeth ——— # 031701BPS Performance Steel 14 Teeth
# 031701AXPS Anti-Drag Performance Steel 12 Teeth —– # 031701BXPS Anti-Drag Perf Steel 14 Teeth

The early Alto numbers are the late OE design with 8 full teeth and 4 partial teeth, this was done in
an effort to reduce cost and material. When used with the stock production engine, it will perform
without any problems. When used with hi-performance engines there is a chance for diminished

The late Alto numbers have a set of 14 full teeth like the early OE design which will enable the
steel plates to handle the increased horsepower and torque produced by hi-performance engines.

Note: This update will affect Modules and Power Packs that include these steel plates


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Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 5 in

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