RCPTK-5111, 5R110W Raybestos TorqShift GPZ TorqKit Clutch Pack, 2005-2007

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5R110W Raybestos TorqShift GPZ TorqKit Clutch Pack, 2005-2007, RCPTK-5111.

Recommended for high-stress diesel or towing applications with increased horsepower and torque.

Raybestos Powertrain GPZ friction plates greatly increase transmission performance and durability. This state-of-the-art friction material far exceeds OE material to withstand high stress, high temperatures and repeated cycling. GPZ’s outstanding performance. Raybestos Stage-1 Performance frictions are an affordable solution for performance applications that may not require the capacity of the Gen2 Blue Plate Special, but do require a friction plate that can handle the demands that a stock tan or high energy plate. benefits are perfect for heavy-duty vehicles and high-stress driving. Testing of GPZ revolutionary friction material shows that it outperforms OE materials by as much as 20%. Plus, its performance improves as the power increases.

Features / Benefits:

  • Increases durability of the transmission
  • Made with Raybestos GPZ material
  • Installation instructions provided
  • Reduces core temperatures
  • Increases torque capacity
  • Improves clutch life
  • Made In USA

This 5R110W Raybestos TorqShift GPZ TorqKit Clutch Pack Includes:

  – RTK-5122 – Raybestos Forward GPZ TorqKit Clutch Pack Module, 2005-On:

  • (5) Forward ID Spline GPZ
  • (5) Forward Kolene®

  – RTK-5123 – Raybestos Intermediate GPZ Torqkit Clutch Pack Module, 2005-On:

  • (5) Intermediate GPZ
  • (5) Intermediate
  • (1) Intermediate Backing Plate

  – RTK-5114 – Raybestos Overdrive GPZ Torqkit Clutch Pack Module, 2003-On:

  • (5) Overdrive GPZ
  • (4) Overdrive Kolene®
  • (2) Overdrive Steel
  • (1) Overdrive Piston

  – RMAX-06 – Raybestos Low/Reverse Stage-1 MaxPak Clutch Pack Module:

  • (6) Low/Reverse Stage-1
  • (6) Low/Reverse Kolene® Steel

  – RMAX-07 – Raybestos Coast Stage-1 MaxPak Clutch Pack Module:

  • (3) Coast Stage-1
  • (3) Coast Kolene® Steel

  – RTK-5111 – Raybestos GPZ Friction Clutch Pack Module, 2003-On:

  • (1) Snap Ring
  • (5) Forward/Direct Kolene®
  • (1) Direct
  • (1) Forward/Direct
  • (6) Direct GPZ
  • (1) Direct Piston

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