* 4L80E Hi-Per Blue High Performance Blue Bonded Pistons

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4L80E Hi-Per Blue High Performance Blue Bonded Pistons 

Hi-Per Blue pistons are reengineered original equipment design, manufactured with upgraded high performance blue AEM (ethylene acrylic elastomer) for superior thermal and chemical resistance, with better fit and performance. Other aftermarket pistons are made of a less-tolerant alkyl acrylate copolymer (ACM). What Is AEM? AEM is an ASTM designation for Ethylene Acrylic Elastomer, a very high performance material used in applications where exceptional heat and oil resistance are required. While many other pistons are made of a less-tolerant alkyl acrylate copolymer, SAP Hi-Per Blue pistons offer superior compressive stress relaxation, dynamic fatigue resistance, vibration dampening, and resistance to acid condensates. Hi-Per Blue pistons and piston kits are available for a wide variety of applications for Automatic Transmission, Pistons and Piston Kits. Hi-Per Blue pistons are available through PATC.
Features and Benefits:
• Engineered utilizing best in class materials
• Meets or exceeds OEM specifications
• Better temperature range
• Higher tear strength
• Better bonding characteristics
• SAP-designed for better seal support

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Bonded pistons convert hydraulic pressure into linear motion. In today’s modern transmission applications, pistons stroked under fluid pressure are used to actuate clutch packs in traditional and next generation vehicles.

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