PQ80, 6L80E Torque Converter, 10 Inch Billet Torque Converter With 4 Clutches

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6L80E / 6L90E Available Now !


#PQ80. 6L80E, 4 clutch 10 inch billet converter.

  4 Carbon Fiber Clutch Disc! Here it is, the new Phoenix Quadrolock that has set the industry on its ear. This full billet torque converter has no expense spared. It all starts on the pump side. We have Furnace brazed the fins of this converter to keep fluid from cross leaking into neighboring fin channels. The Furnace brazing also increases the overall rigidity of the fins. We also go so far as TIG welding each individual Turbine fin on both sides. This alone contributes to over 1 hour of welding but offers unmatched fin rigidity. Having the pump side so incredibly rigid allows for no possibility of fins laying over or potential flexing during high torque situations. This ensures we lose absolutely no fluid velocity. The key to a torque converter not feeling muddy is to keep lots of velocity hitting the turbine side, we have provided a sturdy platform for that to occur. On the opposite side, the turbine side, the side that spins the input shaft we have continued with the same process. Both furnace brazing and TIG welding each individual fin. The 6L80 Four Clutch Torque Converter has 130 square inches of high tech Carbon Fiber clutch lining! That’s almost a square foot of Wide Open Throttle holding power, with no equal in a 10 1/2 inch three clutch torque converter. That’s 42% larger than the closest three clutch competition. Fits G8 2007 up, 2010 up Camaro and 2006 up trucks with 6L80E transmissions. Also fits 2010 up Cadillac CTSV with a 6L90E transmission. Get the best for your Camaro. Rated up to1000 rear wheel horse power.

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Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 9 in