Long Shaft Dodge Speedometer Driven Gear, Fits Jeep, For Mechanical Type

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#12DG2. Long Shaft Dodge Speedometer Driven Gear, Fits Jeep.

Early type with long shaft, used with 1966 up mechanical cable driven speedometer housings.

Also fits Dana 300 Jeep transfer case, except early type with screw-in speedometer housing.

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Many tire makers build their tires differently, so a 35-inch tire from one company, compared to another, may vary as much as a full inch.

The short shaft gears are for an electronic speedometer and the long shaft gears are for a cable driven speedometers.
Will also fit varying transfer case types, such as the Dana 300 (later version). 

If it has an in-line speed sensor that will connect to the mechanical housing, it will take the long gear, otherwise, all other speed sensors will use a short shaft. (see gallery photo)

The index mark always goes straight down according to the tooth count.


Long Shaft Dodge Speedometer Gear Tooth Counts available: 26 tooth through 43 tooth.

Note: These colors match the tooth count for our manufacturer.
Please do not acquire a replacement gear based on color alone.

Dark Orange / Red 26 Tooth.

White 27 Tooth.

Blue 28 Tooth.

Black 29 Tooth.

Yellow 30 Tooth.

Dark Green 31 Tooth.

Black 32 Tooth.

Yellow 33 Tooth.

Dark Green 34 Tooth.

Yellow / Mustard 35 Tooth.

Dark Orange / Red 36 Tooth.

White 37 Tooth.

Blue 38 Tooth.

Dark Green 39 Tooth.

Dark Orange 40 Tooth.

Red 41 Tooth.

White 42 Tooth.

Blue 43 Tooth.

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 5 in
Tooth Count

26 Tooth Long Shaft, 27 Tooth Long Shaft, 28 Tooth Long Shaft, 29 Tooth Long Shaft, 30 Tooth Long Shaft, 31 Tooth Long Shaft, 32 Tooth Long Shaft, 33 Tooth Long Shaft, 34 Tooth Long Shaft, 35 Tooth Long Shaft, 36 Tooth Long Shaft, 37 Tooth Long Shaft, 38 Tooth Long Shaft, 39 Tooth Long Shaft, 40 Tooth Long Shaft, 41 Tooth Long Shaft, 42 Tooth Long Shaft, 43 Tooth Long Shaft

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