E4OD Transmissions 1989-On. Red Eagle clutches and Kolene Steels Plus 3 Alto Power Packs. Level 4 Enforcer Transmission

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KE4OD Combo Kit. Build your own Level 4 Enforcer transmission. Fits all E4OD transmissions, 1989-On. You get all Red Eagle clutches and Kolene steels plus 3 Alto Power Packs. Red Eagle Power Packs and Kolene steels for 1st, 3rd and overdrive. You also get a Transgo Shift Kit #E4OD-HD2, power valve, overdrive spiral snap ring, 45 element sprag, triple clutch torque converter (#3D4/6 or #3G4/6) and our 300M input shaft. This price includes the overhaul kit, carbon fiber band and filter. Add molded pistons, bearings, thrust washers, solenoid pack, pump and pressure valve if needed.

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