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Auxiliary Cooler Line Position

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The auxiliary air cooler goes in the return line to the transmission.

Which line is the return line?

General Motors TH125 / TH125C / 3T40 Top
General Motors TH180 Rear
General Motors TH200 / TH200-4R Bottom
General Motors TH325 / TH325-4L Top
General Motors TH350 / TH350C Top
General Motors TH400 / 3L80 / 3L80H Top
General Motors 440-T4 / 4T60 / 4T60E Horizontal Fitting
General Motors 700-R4 / 4L60 / 4L60E Top
General Motors ST300 Top
General Motors 4T80E Main case
General Motors 4L80E Lower front
General Motors TH425 Outer, farthest from Torq. Conv.
General Motors MX17 Bottom
General Motors A130L Bottom
General Motors F3A Bottom
General Motors Aluminum Powerglide Top
Ford A4LD Top
Ford AXOD Top
Ford AOD / FIOD Bottom
Ford ATX Nearest Pump
Ford C3 / C4 / C5 / C6 / E40D Rear
Ford AOD-E / 4R70W Top
Ford AXOD-E / A4XN / A4XS Bottom
Ford CD4E Nearest Pump
Ford F4EAT Nearest Pump
Ford FMX (cast iron) Rear
Chrysler TF904 / TF727 Rear
Chrysler A500 / 518 / 618 Rear
Chrysler A404 / 413 / 470 / 670 Top
Chrysler A604 / 41TE Front
Chrysler 42LE Top


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