*722.6 Torque Converter Performance HEMI Torque Converter Number 722.6TC

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722.6 Dodge “Mercedes” (W5A580) High Performance Torque Converter.  Fits HEMI: 2008-Present Dodge Challenger, 2006-Present Dodge Charger, 2005-Present Chrysler 300, 2005-2008 Dodge Magnum.

  Are you having the “Bow-Tie” Blues? Is that raspy new Camaro or Silverado killing you on the streets? No worries here, because we now offer a complete solution! We offer a new line of 722.6 high performance torque converters to help with acceleration and common failures for your late model dodge transmission. To the left you will notice the factory converter comes equipped with only 2 clutches and 3 steels, We change the current clutch count of 2 to 3 high energy frictions with special heat treated steel that offers a higher friction coefficient. We also use special heat treated steels to reduce deflection and coning of the clutches with high apply rates. These 2 modifications increase clutch apply surface area by 50% giving you a better engagement feel, while also reduce slip and parasitic loss. To the right we have the factory stator on the left and our custom billet stator on the right. At first glance it is obvious that the factory stator has larger opening windows that allow you to see right through it. This decreases the torque multiplication effect of the converter. The factory stator also is made from cast material that can deflect under high load and sometimes break. Our custom Billet Stator shown on the right allows us to raise the stall speed at wide-open-throttle 500-700 rpm’s without losing any part throttle driving efficiency. You will also notice how we have designed the fins on the stator with a tighter gate, therefore you cannot see through the windows. This again is increasing the torque multiplication effect helping you get your vehicle off the line. Also this stator has 13 custom designed proprietary modifications to it. This is a quick picture of our tig welding modification we perform after setting the pitch of the fins on the pump side of the converter. This process also ensures that under heavy load with accelerated fluid velocity the fins do not deflect or bend in any way. While this process takes extra time in the build process we do it anyway, every little fine is welded ensuring no future failures on these converters. How many other converter builders are willing to do this, much less put the picture right here! This is a picture of our turbine side of the converter. We have these manufactured new with our custom fin pitches. These come already furnace brazed from our builders, with many different pitches to choose from it allows us to make a converter for any of your needs. In summery this HEMI torque converter has 50% more clutch apply area for 50% more holding power, better clutch material, better clutch steels, better CNC machined billet stator, TIG welded fins and a much higher stall speed.

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Weight 42 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 9 in