11087 PML Pan. 6L80E Cast Aluminum Pan. Volume: stock capacity

$ 375.00

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11087.  6L80E Cast Aluminum Pan.

Volume: stock capacity

Number of Bolts: 18 (there are 20 holes in the pan, 2 holes hold the gasket and 18 holes hold the pan to the transmission case)

Description and Applications

This heavy duty transmission oil pan fits the GM 6L80, 6L80E transmissions. We designed this pan for 2006 and newer Cadillac, Camaro, Corvette, and Chevrolet and GM trucks and SUVs. There is a fill hole and plug for vehicles with the fill in the pan, such as some Camaros.

This pan features:

  • Fins and aluminum construction to dissipate heat from transmission fluid

  • Drain plug for easier maintenance

  • ½ NPT hole and plug for pan-fill

  • Thick walls to add strength to the transmission housing

  • Thick gasket flange, machined flat, for a leak-free seal

  • Low profile for clearance

This pan will fit the GM 6L80, 6L80E transmission. This pan is designed for GM/Chevy cars, such as:

  • Cadillac STS 2008-2009, V6 3.6L or V8 4.4L or V8 4.6L
  • Cadillac XLR 2008-2009, V8 4.4L or V8 4.6L
  • Cadillac CTS 2006-2008, V8 6.0L
  • Camaro, 2010 to 2015, V8 6.2L
  • Corvette 2006 to 2014
  • Pontiac G8 (check stock pan, see note in filter information below)
  • Trucks and SUVs needing a lower profile (such as those with skid plates)


Additional information

Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 16 × 7 in