#K095 Superior. ZF6HP / 6R80 “SURE SEAL” END PLUG KIT.

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Problem Solvers #K095

With our new ZF6HP19,24,26,30,32 and Ford 6R60 thru 6R75/80 End Plug Kits and Pressure Regulator Support Sleeve, you won’t have to worry about cutting the seals on the sharp bore clip retainer slots either. Simple and Precise, The New K095 End Plug Kit seals and prevents fluid loss of the often loose and worn sides of the stock end plugs and the worn O.E. P.R. Valve Sleeve. CA– USE: Due to the constant oscillations and cycling of the valve, the head of the valve contacts the butt of the O.E. designed end plug causing the O.E. aluminum shoulder of the Plug to prematurely wear against the bore wall.

COMPLAINT: This wear creates circuit leakage and allows fluid to bypass the end plug. The complaint is usually low pressures to the circuit, slips, flairs, downshift clunks, bangs and eventually burnt frictions. Technicians have reported that even if they use a tube cutter to “knurl” the sides, it is only a short term band-aid. Eventually it wears off the “knurl” and leakage returns. CORRECTION: The New Proprietary Design of the Superior Transmission Parts Inc. K095 Product incorporates a “Self Sealing” feature. As pressure pushes against the rear of the New End Plug, the plug compresses the seal to the bore wall and the unique design creates a “Sure-Seal” between the plug shoulder and bore wall.


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