AOD Transmission: AOD / 4R70W Transmission – Level 4. This is a high performance non-electronic 4R70W transmission.

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1965 to 1974 Mustang AOD Conversion Kit *

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( Attention 1965 to 1993 Mustang owners )

AOD / 4R70W Transmission – Level 4

This is a high performance non-electronic 4R70W transmission. This is accomplished by placing all of the internal parts of an electronic 4R70W or AODE into a non-electronic AOD case. Now you can have an AODE or 4R70W transmission in your 1993 and older Mustang without all the expense of an aftermarket computer and related wiring. This is an easy drop-in direct replacement. Simply remove your AOD transmission and install the A O Dominator. This is a highly modified transmission and torque converter. This package deal comes with a 2200 / 2500 converter stall speed (#16) (non-lock-up only), but can be ordered with any stall speed you need. Some of the features of the A O Dominator are, a two inch wide Carbon Fiber overdrive band, mechanical diode with Spiral “Plus” Ring Kit instead of the stock roller clutch that is prevalent to breakage and a high performance Superior Posi Shift Pac. This transmission has a 4R70W wide ratio gear set, 2.84 ratio first gear (15% lower than an AOD or AODE), 1.55 ratio second gear (5% lower than an AOD or AODE), non-lock-up torque converter, extra hard intermediate shaft (a must for high horsepower motors), the Superior “A ” overdrive billet servo for added holding power and 8 clutches in the direct clutch drum (Alto Red Eagle Power Pack). This is 33% more than a stock 4R70W transmission, and the list goes on and on. This is a great transmission for towing and 4WD use.

Wait no longer, now you can have the baddest AOD / 4R70W on the planet. No trade-in needed on this one. This transmission is for motors having up to 750 horse power, see chart below. Add torque converter upgrades if needed. The freight is $150.00 to $300.00 in most cases. Call 1-888-2012066 to place an order or ask questions. We have this exact AOD transmission in hundreds of 1965 to 1973 Mustangs. Add this conversion kit to your order for $599.00

AOD Transmissions Level 1 – Stock AOD Level 2 – Dominator Level 3 – Dominator Junior Extreme Level 4 – A O Dominator
Torque Converter Stock #14 #14 #16
Throttle Valve Cable Extra Extra Extra Extra
Dip Stick and Tube with Lock-Top Extra Extra Extra Extra
Mechanical Diode No No Yes Yes
Overdrive Servos Stock A A A
Band Stock Carbon Fiber Carbon Fiber Wide Carbon Fiber
Clutches Alto Brown Alto Brown / Alto Red Eagle Alto Brown / Alto Red Eagle Alto Brown / Alto Red Eagle
Superior Posi Shift Pac No Yes Yes Yes
Spiral Roller Clutch Snap Ring No Yes Yes Yes
Wide Ratio Gear Set – 15% lower 1st, 5% lower 2nd No No No Yes
Free Cooler or Shirt No Choice of One Choice of One Choice of One
Stall Speeds Stock 1600 to 1800 1800, 2500, 2800 1800, 2500, 2800 1800, 2500, 2800
Speedometer Gears Extra Extra Extra Extra
Hard Lock-Up Shaft No Yes Yes Hard Intermediate Shaft, No Lock-Up Shaft Needed
Price $ $ $ $
Transmission Horse Power Rating 300 550 600 750

Cast Aluminum Pan, Chrome Pan, Powder Coating, Hard Lock-Up Shaft (if you have nitrous you need this part), Mechanical Diode, Non-Lock-Up Converter, #90 Wide Ratio Gear Set, Poly Mount, Speedo Gear, Lokar Throttle Valve Cable


It’s now possible to install a Ford AOD overdrive transmission on a Ford FE 390 motor, ask. Transmission ratings are for non-supercharged systems using pump gasoline. Superchargers, Nitrous, 4WD, Oversize Tires and Weight will change these ratings. On Ford transmissions you may need to reuse your old shift lever. There will be an added $100.00 fee on foreign transmission sales for testing in our test truck.