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We address TCC slip code 1870 and occasional ratio codes on 4T65-E units with this valve. The OEM TCC regulated apply bore wears, which causes TCC signal (PWM) oil and TCC regulated apply oil to leak. The leakage lowers the apply pressure which causes the torque converter clutch to slip. This kit includes a replacement valve and sleeve and recalibrated spring. The inclusion of a sleeve allows the worn valve body to be refurbished by drilling and reaming with tool kit 84754-TL3. This valve incorporates hard anodizing and annular grooves to reduce future wear.


  • 2nd Gear starts
  • Code 1811
  • Long shifts
  • Maximum adapt
  • Poor EPC control
  • TCC piston failure
  • TCC slip
Actuator feed limit bore wear results in unregulated pressure at the EPC solenoid, 1-2, 3-4 shift solenoid and the 1-2, 3-4 shift signal circuit.
This wear-resistant sleeve and valve assembly allows the salvage of the case cover by re-establishing hydraulic integrity of the AFL circuit.

Part No. 84596-02K

  • Sleeve
  • Valve
  • Regulating Spring
  • Sleeve Retention Spring

The OE actuator feed limit (AFL) valve routes regulated line pressure to the pressure control solenoid and the 1-2, 3-4 shift signal circuit in GM 4T65-E units. Wear at the AFL valve bore can cause low torque signal and/or low 1-2, 3-4 shift solenoid and shift signal circuit pressure, resulting in Code 1811, maximum adapt or long shift, TCC slippage and wrong gear starts. Bore wear also can cause poor EPC control, leading to high line pressure and TCC piston damage. The Sonnax AFL valve and sleeve kit 84596-02K restores hydraulic integrity to the AFL circuit.

  • Highly wear-resistant aluminum sleeve provides more support and durability to prevent wear
  • Wear-resistant, hard-anodized valve maintains proper clearance with thermal expansion
  • Annular grooves center the valve to prevent wear
  • Regulating pressure is reduced by about 10 psi to prevent high line pressure, which can lead to TCC piston damage


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Dimensions 4 × 4 × 2 in