5R55N 5R55S 5R55W Pump Flow Control Valve Kit Sonnax Number 56200-03K

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5R55N 5R55S 5R55W Pump Flow Control Valve Kit Sonnax Number 56200-03K.

Pump Flow Control Valve Kit

Part No. 56200-03K

  • Valve Assembly
  • O-Ring

Drop in replacement

The OE flow control valve is designed to increase pump efficiency by rerouting excess line pressure back to the suction side of the pump. It is common for the plunger valve to become stuck open, or for the canister to wear. This decreases line pressures and results in delayed engagements. The Sonnax pump flow control valve assembly eliminates the sticking and wear problems with redesigned and precisely machined parts.

  • Harder canister material resists wear and has improved valve support to prevent sticking.
  • Plunger valve is made from case-hardened steel and has annular grooves to prevent side loading.
  • Larger O-ring eliminates pressure loss at the pump face.
  • Canister restores the regulated line orifice to improve valve and hydraulic stability.
  • Drop-in-place replacement assembly for easy installation.

NOTE: Product supersedes 56200-02K


  • Delayed engagement
  • Low line pressure
  • No movement until RPM increased
  • Pump noise
The pump flow control canister and plunger valve wear, allowing the plunger valve to stick open and/or leakage to occur. The canister o-ring relaxes and pressure bleeds past it.
This drop-in-place assembly includes a harder canister with more support for the plunger valve, which prevents sticking. The assembly also includes a case-hardened plunger valve with self-centering annular groves, a replacement spring, and larger O-ring for improved sealing.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 2 in