U140 U240 U241 U150 U151 U250 A750 A760 A761 A960 AB60 Accumulator Piston, Transgo Number AW-ACCUM

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Transmission Removal Not Required

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U140, U240, U241, U150, U151, U250, A750, A760, A761, A960, and AB60 Accumulator Piston, Transgo Number AW-ACCUM. Transgo Toyota accumulator pistons provide a long term fix for a common wear area in these transmissions.

The original Toyota accumulator pistons have no seals and rely solely on the close tolerances of the components, (when new) to control system leaks. However, over time and with use, the soft aluminum accumulator pistons and the valve body bores wear, creating leaks resulting in shift feel complaints and burnt friction discs.

The Transgo solution utilizes made-in-USA hardened steel accumulator pistons fitted with scarf-cut sealing rings to provide a good seal in worn out valve body bores, even in a less than perfect bore that would normally damage any rubber seals.

  • Accumulator circuit leaks
  • Shift feel complaints including soft shifts, flare shifts, slide bump shifts
  • Burnt frictions discs
  • (1) hardened steel replacement accumulator piston and sealing ring
Please note:
  • U140, U240, U241 transmission require (2) pistons
  • U150, U151, U250 transmissions require (3) pistons
  • A750, A760, A761, A960, AB60 transmissions requires (1) piston

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 2 in