Turn Your 48RE Diesel Transmission or 48RE Viper SRT10 Transmission Into Our Level 4 Ramzilla Transmission (combo kit)

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This stator will lower your stall speed 500 to 600 RPM below the stock stator.

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Turn Your 48RE Diesel Transmission or 48RE Viper SRT10 Transmission Into Our Level 4 Ramzilla Transmission.

#K48RZ2. Turn your 48RE Diesel Transmission or 48RE Viper SRT10 transmission into our level 4 Ramzilla transmission. This Combo Kit is for late 2003 up 48RE transmission only. Are you tired of all your 48RE transmission problems? We have the ultimate solution for your 48RE with our new Extreme Duty K48RZ2 Combo kit! We start off with our 1HE-48 ALTO RED EAGLE master rebuild kit. This kit comes complete with all 4 PATC designed custom RED EAGLE power packs. This includes the Forward, Direct, and Overdrive Direct Power Packs. These new power packs include our latest ALTO RED EAGLE friction material giving us the most impressive friction coefficients in the industry. We then compliment these frictions with our (HTSR) Heat Treated Stress Relieved steels, we then have these Kolene coated for increase rigidity to allow higher pressure ramps to be achieved without coning. This coating also helps with heat dissipation as well. Our next improvement is the Carbon fiber intermediate apply band. This is the band that rides on the direct drum. The Carbon Fiber material is also lighter which allows quicker apply and release times. Shuttle shift? We have a solution for that as well. The 48RE RCPTK-4800 shift kit is included to help bring up apply pressure for these new clutches. This shift kit provided also comes with the shuttle shift correction as well. The performance 3-4 accumulator spring improving the 3-4 shift firmness. To eliminate the low / reverse servo cocking in the bore the SONNAX low / reverse servo is used. This is a common 48RE issue. When it came time to correct the intermediate apply servo issues we knew exactly where to start. The 48RE has several issues such as cross leaking, apply and release times, and apply and release pressures. This SONNAX 22301B-01K larger intermediate servo has 4 sealing rings instead of the factory 2, the servo also has 16% more apply area than the factory servo improving apply and release times. The full time converter fluid feed valve is included giving your converter full charge even in park. The band issues are finished off with our billet band strut and billet unbreakable band anchor assembly. Next step, the TCS Input shaft 129600L. This Billet input shaft is made from 300 Maraging steel. Rest your head this will handle all of your input shaft brakeage problems when the converter locks up. The factory direct clutch apply piston is tossed out the window, we go with our Billet apply piston here allowing us to no longer worry about cross leaking or deflection when raising these pressures. We also include a deep cast aluminum pan to help increase the surface area of the fluid, allowing to dissipate heat at a quicker rate. To finish this kit off we are including our triple disc billet torque converter with an extra wide clutch apply area and billet aluminum stator 8DXX. This is also available with our low stall Velocistator for a small upgrade fee. The Velocistator will make your stall speed approximately 500 to 600 RPM’s lower.



There will be a $275.00 core charge added to all Dodge diesel torque converters.

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Weight 80 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in