Turn your 46RH / 46RE / 47RH / 47RE Transmission Into Our Level 4 Extreme Duty Ramzilla Transmission

$ 3962.00


Turn your 46RH / 46RE / 47RH / 47RE Transmission Into Our Level 4 Extreme Duty Ramzilla  Transmission.

  K48RZ. Turn your  518 / 618 / 46RH / 46RE / 47RH / 47RE transmission into our level 4 Extreme Duty Ramzilla transmission with this Combo Kit and receive a large discount for buying in quantity. Fits 1994 – early 2003 diesel and gas lock-up type transmissions. You get the Alto Red Eagle master rebuild kit 028907XHPPWR #1HE plus 2 extra clutches and 2 extra steels, extreme duty brass impregnated carbon fiber flex band 028961C, Fairbanks TransAction kit 10518, K123900S #5X billet 5 clutch direct drum, performance 3-4 accumulator spring 12861-01, heavy duty Sonnax low / reverse servo, Sonnax heavy duty / no leak intermediate servo cover 22827-01, 5 to 1 ratio intermediate servo band lever, full time torque converter fluid feed valve (in sk), Mega Spring D12970A for more holding power in 1st – 2nd and 3rd and a heavy duty intermediate band apply strut (in sk). Plus the following Extreme Duty and 48RE parts, all three 6 pinion planet gears A22582G A22584G A12580BC, sun gear A22612B and shell A22622B, front D22592A and rear U22594A ring gears, race for shell D22243, front planet sleeve D22053EA, 3 thrust washers (1) 22700FT-01 (2) 22700GT-01, overdrive backing plate, forward clutch backing plate, overdrive brake backing plate 027767A, Sonnax 300M input shaft 22121B-01, 1 extra overdrive brake clutch and steel, and 23 overdrive direct single sided clutches 027720B120. 

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Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 17 × 7 in