TH400 Aluminum Forward Drum and Input Shaft with Modified Lube Circuit 223601A

$ 670.00

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Turbo 400 Billet Aluminum Forward Drum and 300 Maraging Steel Input Shaft with Modified Lube Circuit. TCS has introduced a NEW INPUT SHAFT for the Turbo 400 that has the torque converter lube holes removed from the shaft to deliver superior strength. Input shaft is precision machined from 300 Maraging Steel. Increased spline count to 35 between the drum and input shaft. The drum is made from 7075 T6 billet aluminum. The input shaft is made from 300 Maraging steel. The input shaft is permanently located by a shoulder stop and snap ring.

Input Shaft is Precision Machined from 300 Maraging Steel – The same material used in aircraft landing gear components. Spline area increased in size by 56% to provide greater drum contact = GREATER STRENGTH! The Drum is machined from Billet T6 Aluminum and can have up to 5 full thickness clutches. The use of aluminum gives this drum some serious weight reduction for those Hardcore Racing enthusiasts.

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Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 14 in