TH400 Transmission TH400 Level 2 – TH400 400 Terminator Comes with Heavy Duty Torque Converter

$ 1999.00

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TH400 Level 2 – “400 Terminator”

  The level 2 high performance TH400 transmission comes with a high performance Fairbanks TransAction Shift Kit installed for firmer shifts and more holding force on all the clutches. The front band is replaced with an black carbon fiber band. The stock intermediate sprag is replaced with a 34 element sprag with over twice the holding power of the stock sprag. As part of this package deal you get a heavy duty / high performance balanced stall converter with furnace brazed fins and bearing construction for added strength (#7 see below). This torque converter stalls at 2600 RPM for a faster take off. We also have this same converter in 1800 to 2800 stall speeds. You get your choice of a 4 inch 32 spline (bolt-on yoke or not) tail housing or a 9 inch 27 spline tail housing. When ordered with the 9 inch tail housing and 27 spline output shaft your drive shaft may be able to be reused by making it shorter. It comes with an intermediate 4 clutch Power Pack. Good for motors up to 800 horse power (transmission). Upgrade the torque converter if you have over 400 horse power. All transmissions come with a free PATC shirt. We ran one of these in our 1200 horse power drag truck for three years before it finally broke a gear and that was without the intermediate Power Pack. (We’ve tested 400 transmissions against 350 transmissions and the 400 transmissions were faster.)

400 Transmissions Level 1 – Stock Level 2 – 400 Terminator Level 3 – 400 Raptor
Torque Converter Stock-welded fins #7 No – You Pick
Stall Speeds 1800 1800, 2000, 2600 No
Free Freight No No No
Speedometer Gears Extra Extra Extra
Fairbanks TransAction Kit No Yes Yes
Alto Black Front Band No Yes Yes, Wide
34 Element Sprag and Drum No Yes Yes
Core Charge Yes Yes Yes
Tail Housing 4 or 9 Inch 4 or 9 Inch 4 or 9 Inch
4 Clutch Intermediate Brown Power Pack No Yes No
Alto Kolene Steels and Red Eagle Power Packs in all 3 Clutch Sets No No Yes
Heavy-Duty forward drum and hard Input Shaft with oversize splines No No Yes
Hard Forward Clutch Hub No No Yes
2WD Price shown, add $100.00 on 4WD case and $149.00 on some 4WD output shafts. Chevy $ $ $ plus converter
Transmission Horse Power Rating 400 (with #7 converter) 800 (with #6X – 400 converter) 1200
Upgrades Cast Aluminum Pan, Powder Coating, Alto Red Eagle Power Packs, 4WD Case, Gear Venders 22% Overdrive
Comments When ordering a 4WD TH400 transmission we need to know how far the output shaft sticks out past the case. If you  have a 454 motor the #7 torque converter that comes with the level 2 TH400 will require a dual bolt pattern flywheel.