6L80E Transmission GM 6L80E 6L90E Level 4 Power Glide Powered Extreme Duty “Phoenix”

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  No excuses, no exceptions, no stone left unturned. This “Power Glide” powered transmission is the most advanced 6L80 / 6L90 transmission on the market today. This transmission uses our Full Billet 10 1/2 inch Phoenix 6L80 / 6L90 Quadrolock Quadruple Disc Torque Converter with 4 Carbon Fiber Clutches. This is 130 square inches of high tech Carbon Fiber clutch lining! That’s almost a square foot of Wide Open Throttle holding power, with no equal in a 10 1/2 inch three clutch torque converter. That’s 42% larger than the closest three clutch competition. This is mated to the billet converter housing giving you unmatched apply area and absolutely no piston deflection when higher apply pressure is ramped up. We did not stop there with this converter, we also have developed 4 different stators with different fin counts and fin angles. These stators allow us to change the fluid dynamics within the converter, giving unmatched efficiency at part throttle and insane torque multiplication at wide open throttle. These converters are custom built in house here @ PATC. Also included is the number 6L80PMK ” Phoenix Master Kit “. This is the complete solution for your 6L80 / 6L90 transmission. We start off with our special made number 6L80MK module kit that includes our Alto Red Eagle clutches and custom spec’d Kolene steels. These steels are made from 4140 HTSR steel and Kolene coated for increased rigidity. These improved steels allow more aggressive pressure ramps and will eliminated “coning” as seen in so many other transmission failures. We also add our 3-5-R Alto Red Eagle power pack. This new PATC 3-5-R power pack comes with a special designed backing plate designed to evenly apply the pressure with the removal of the waved plate. Special attention was made to the thickness of the steels to ensure we have even apply. We also have a special designed anti-drag rubbers giving each clutch its own clearance to resolve the release problem with this clutch pack. We machine the apply piston to allow more clutches in this drum. The “Phoenix” transmission also comes with our Powerglide Billet clutch hub and shaft. This is the final solution for you 4-5-6 clutch needs. We use a PATC custom machined billet hub and shaft that is cut to accept our PATC custom Powerglide 6l80 / 6L90 power pack. This Power Pack will come with 8 full thickness Alto Red Eagle Powerglide clutches, 7 HTSR steels, special thick .160″ base plate and a custom machined 4-5-6 piston. We have removed the bottom factory wave plate to increase clutch apply surface area. The removal of the wave plate will increase “apply feel”, but this transmission is not for the light of heart. To eliminate any chance of “coning” we have designed a very thick .160 pressure apply plate that is also made from 4140 HTSR steel. PATC also replaces the factory hubs with TIG welded and Cryogenically treated (number 1TWS) shafts and hubs. The pump and valve body are also gone through and receive our own custom modifications to improve fluid dynamics. We replace the pump bushing with a Teflon coated pump bushing and install a Jumbo filter to complete your build. The stock factory pump rotor is replaced with the new PATC Billet steel pump rotor. The stock pump rotor has been known to explode with very fast acceleration due to sudden centrifugal force shock. Finally 300 PSI line pressure has been achieved with the addition of the Sonnax number 6L80-LB1 line pressure booster kit. Core charge on the converter must be added to final cost. Custom tuning must be performed to the TCM to accommodate the new parts. Call 1-888-2012066 if you need help buying the parts to build a level 4 6L80E or 6L90E transmission. This transmission went 9.98 @ 138 mph per Janetty Racing 04/27/2012.

2010 built Camaro runs 9.98 @ 138.40 MPH with 30 MPH headwind. This 6L80E was built by Tony @ Janetty Racing using our exclusive PATC Phoenix rebuild kit.


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