4R100 and E4OD Transmissions Level 3 Enforcer, turn your 4R100 or E4OD transmission into a much stronger transmission.

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4R100 / E4OD Level 3

Rated at 600 horsepower.

Let us turn your E4OD / 4R100 transmission into a much stronger transmission. This transmission comes with a high performance Transgo Shift-Kit and Sonnax Power Valve for a better shift. Extra Alto Red Eagle clutches are added for more holding power. An updated center support, overdrive spiral snap ring, stay put filter clip and other updates are installed. The 34 element intermediate sprag is replaced with a 45 element sprag. Now with a 1995 up type pump and a carbon fiber band. This package deal comes with a triple clutch converter can be yours for $3549.00 with a trade-in. Can be bought without a trade-in with a core charge of $450.00 to $850.00 depending on year and model. 1995 up core returns only.

Performance / Heavy Duty, E4OD / 4R100 Transmission Level 3 Enforcer Level 4 Enforcer
Transgo Shift Kit E4OD-HD2 4R100-HD2 “TUGGER”
Power Valve Yes .427″ Yes .500″
Direct Red Eagle PowerPack Yes Yes
Red Eagle Power Pack in 1st and 2nd and Kryptonite PowerPack in Overdrive No Yes
Up to 47% more Clutch Apply Area in the forward gears – – – Yes
As much as 60% more clutch apply area in 3rd Yes Yes
Spiral Snap Ring Yes Yes
Stay Put Filter Clip Yes Yes
45 Element Sprag Yes Yes
95 Up Type Pump Yes Yes
Carbon Fiber Band Yes Yes
Triple Clutch Converter Yes – – – 
Triple Clutch Billet Converter – – – Yes
Steel 6 Pinion Front and Rear Planet Gears Some Models, Extra Some Models Yes
300M Billet Input Shaft No Yes
Core Charge Included No No
Level 4 Enforcer Transmission Notes:

Most Performance / Heavy Duty, E4OD / 4R100 transmissions in this price range will not have a 300M Billet Input Shaft, Triple Clutch Billet Torque Converter, 1995 up type pump or Carbon Fiber Band. We see performance / heavy duty, E4OD / 4R100 transmissions sold on the Internet for $780.00 and better over the Level 4 Enforcer price and they still don’t come with a 300M Billet Input Shaft, 1995 up type pump or Carbon Fiber Band. Why pay this much without getting the good parts.


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Weight 380 lbs