C6 Transmission Level 2 Small Block Big Block or FE Upgraded Clutches Band Drums and Torque Converter

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  The Level 2 C-6 transmission comes with a high performance Fairbanks TransAction Kit, 5 clutches in the forward and direct drums, Alto Red Eagle oversize Power Band and a Superior “R” billet Super Servo. The Superior C6-R Super Servo delivers positive 1-2 and 2-3 shifts. The torque converter has TIG welded fins. No trade-in needed, the core charge is in the price. Replace your transmission with a stronger transmission. This transmission and performance converter can be shipped to you anywhere. Add $100.00 for 360 / 390 type FE motors. 500 HP Rated.

C6 TransmissionsLevel 1 – StockLevel 2 – C6 Dominator Level 3 – C6 Dominator ExtremeLevel 4 – C6 Mega Dominator
Torque ConverterStock#2FNo9 1/2 Billet, 1200 HP, 1100 Torque
Stall Speeds1800Your Choice 1800 to 2800No2600 to 6000
Free FreightNoNoNoNo
ServoStock“R” Super Servo“R” Super ServoR” Super Servo
Fairbanks TransAction KitNoYesYesYes
Hard Input ShaftNoNoYesYes
Core ChargeNo, Add $100.00 for 390No, Add $100.00 for 390No, Add $100.00 for 390No, Add $100.00 for 390
Red Eagle Clutches and Kolene SteelsNoNo, 5 Brown in Forward & Direct5 Red Eagle in Forward & Direct Red Eagle, up to 6 in Forward & 8 in Direct
Code FF, Band Apply LeverNoNoYesYes
PanStockStockStock Cast Aluminum
#1XX. 5 Clutch Direct Drum#1XXX. 5 Clutch Forward DrumNoYesYesYes
#9XX. Low Drag Wide Ratio GearsNoNoNoYes
BandBorg WarnerAlto Red Eagle Oversize Power Band Alto Kevlar Oversize Power BandAlto Kevlar Oversize Power Band


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