Allison 1000 Transmission Level 5 “Full Billet Extreme Duty Allison 1000” and 3 Clutch Billet Torque Converter

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“Full Billet Extreme Duty Allison 1000” and 3 Clutch Billet Torque Converter

Level 5: Full Billet Extreme Duty Allison 1000 Transmission and Torque Converter. You get the #A1000-2 “Triple-Disk” billet torque converter with three lock-up clutches, the #1000 or #1000-3 Transgo Shift Kit with all of its upgrades, the #A1000 MAG-HYTEC Deep Allison Transmission Pan plus a PATC shirt and our Alto Master Rebuild Kit with Red Eagle clutches plus five Alto Power Packs for the C1, C2, C3 C4 and C5 clutch sets. More clutches equal more holding ability. And now for the Full Billet part. You get a Billet SFI Flexplate, all three Billet shafts . . Input . . Intermediate and Output plus our Billet C2 clutch hub. This Allison 1000 is backed by a one year unlimited mileage warranty against defects in workmanship and materials. Will hold over 1000 torque at the crank. Full Billet means this is the strongest Allison 1000 available anywhere.

The clutches in the Allison 1000 transmission are given numbers to help with their identification. There are two sets of rotating clutches, C1 and C2. And there are three stationary clutch sets C3, C4 and C5. They control three sets of planetary gears. The following apply chart shows the clutches and their operational states.

First Gear

C1 and C5 Applied

3.10 to 1

Second Gear

C1 and C4 Applied

1.81 to 1

Third Gear

C1 and C3 Applied

1.41 to 1

Fourth Gear

C1 and C2 Applied

1.00 to 1


Fifth Gear – “Overdrive”

C2 and C3 Applied

0.71 to 1


C3 and C5 Applied

4.49 to 1


             6 Speed Version Allison 10005 Speed Allison 2000           



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