A4LD Transmission Level 3 Performance A4LD using a 4 liter transmission with a 2.3 2.8 2.9 or 3 liter bell housing

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A4LD Level 3. Performance A4LD

  Performance A4LD, using a 4 liter transmission with a 2.3, 2.8, 2.9 or 3 liter bell housing. This transmission comes with everything in the K15 Combo Kit plus a double clutch 4 liter torque converter and 2 Red Eagle or Black bands. The 4 liter transmissions came from the factory with stronger planet gears and more clutches.

  A4LD transmissions, 1985 to 1994. You get an Alto master rebuild kit plus a Transgo Shift Kit, 2 large servos for 2nd and overdrive, 2 performance black carbon fiber bands, Sonnax oversize pressure boost valve and a 3rd gear clutch – Alto Power Pack that will give you up to seven clutches. This will give you one more clutch in 3rd and reverse than you have now. Stock has 4 to 6 clutches.


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