727 Transmission 727 Viper Level 2 and 727 Mega Viper Level 3

$ 1540.00

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Wide Rigid Band, 5 Red Clutches in Forward and Direct

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727 Viper – Level 2 and 727 Mega Viper – Level 3

  Our level two and three high performance 727 transmission comes with a Fairbanks TransAction Kit. This kit will firm up all the shifts with your choice of two performance levels. We use high performance Red Eagle clutches and Kolene steels in the level 3 transmission. A performance low / reverse servo that will not flip in the bore. A heavy duty intermediate band strut that will not bend. A rigid type Kevlar band (level 3) and a 5 to 1 ratio kick-down lever, talk about your good 1-2 shift. This transmission is good to go, for any type use, race, tow, heavy duty and others.

  You get all of the above for $1440.00 for a Small Block and $1540.00 for a Big Block (level 2). All without a trade-in. These are 1971 up gas transmissions built for non-lock-up torque converters. The freight runs $150.00 to $300.00 in most cases. There are many more options that can added to this transmission if needed.

Transmission727 Viper – Level 2727 Mega Viper – Level 3
Torque Converter#6D, available#6D, available
Stall SpeedYour choice up to 2800 RPM with #6D.Your choice up to 2800 RPM with #6D.
Fairbanks TransAction Kit or Transgo Shift KitFairbanks Level 2Fairbanks Level 2 or Transgo Level 3
Performance Low / Reverse ServoYesYes
Heavy Duty Band StrutYesYes
5 to 1 Intermediate Band LeverYesYes
Rigid Carbon Fiber BandNoYes, 2 3/8″ Wide
Flex Carbon Fiber BandYesNo, Rigid Carbon Fiber
5 Red Eagle Clutches and Kolene Steels in Forward and DirectNoYes
2WD PriceSmall Block $1440.00, Big Block $1540.00 (plus converter on both)Small Block $1889.00, Big Block $1989.00 (plus converter on both)
Sonnax Billet Oversize Servo and Billet AccumulatorYesYes
UpgradesCast Aluminum Pan, Powder Coating
CommentThese are 2WD gas transmissions built for non-lock-up torque converters.

These prices are for 1971 up 727 transmissions only. Add $100.00 for 4WD. The ones we have are 23 spline output and the shaft sticks out 9 inches past the case. These were used with a 203 transfer case. Cast iron transfer case adapter 8 3/8″ long.

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