4T65E-HD Transmission for L67 Motors. Level two 1997-2005 performance 4T65E-HD

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This is our level two 1997-2005 performance 4T65E-HD transmission for L67 motors. This transmission comes with a performance Transgo Shift Kit that corrects all types of shift problems. We install Raybestos Blue Plate Special clutches in all four clutch packs. The Blue Plate clutch is the most expensive clutch plate money can buy. Raybestos has refined the Generation II Blue Plate Special clutch into a super performance plate, drastically increasing the coefficient of friction and reducing wear. The increase in coefficients directly increase torque capacity. A new Borg Warner forward band is installed. An upgraded pressure boost valve is installed and other valves are replaced in the valve body. To top this package deal off we add a 245 MM performance torque converter. It’ll have a stall speed of 500 RPM or better over stock and a carbon fiber clutch. The converter is a PATC first, it will bolt directly to your existing flywheel without drilling new torque converter bolt holes.

If your car has power upgrades you need this transmission. The 65 T-Raptor transmission and torque converter incorporates many upgrades and will withstand power levels of at least 75% over stock. This is the transmission our customers have been asking us to build for years. Now PATC is in the FWD performance transmission business. You get all of the above for $2534.00 plus freight. We’ll need to rebuild your transmission, if we don’t have the exact core needed and the freight will run $100.00 to $300.00 each way in the 48 states.



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