4L80E Transmission, Full Manual – Performance 4L80E Transmission – Level 4

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Full Manual, Performance 4L80E Transmission, Level 4

  The baddest of the bad, this is a non-electronic 4L80E transmission. Some of the features are: Full manual shifts – the transmission will be in the gear you select and changes to any gear you choose when you move the selector, no computer or wiring needed, Red Eagle clutches, Carbon fiber band, Red Eagle Power Packs for the forward, intermediate and direct clutches, Kolene steels, Red Eagle clutches for the overdrive and overrun clutch sets. The 16 element intermediate sprag is replaced with a 34 element sprag, rated up to 1200 horsepower depending on upgrades and has full throttle 3-4 up-shifts. It comes with a non-lock-up torque converter (#L80-NLU rated at 600 HP) and the core charge is included in the price. This is the transmission that off-roaders, big horse power street racers have been waiting for. Every Quadzilla transmission is tested on our Dyno. If you have over 500 horsepower you may want to consider this transmission. Add $150.00 for LS1 type bellhousing bolt pattern (7 bolt). The late model type were built from 1997 to 2001 cores known to be the best.

Can be ordered with a 11 inch torque converter rated at 1200 horsepower . (#6XX). Gear ratios, 1st 2.48, 2nd 1.48, 3rd 1 to 1, 4th .75 . In other words when in 4th gear a 4.11 rear end ratio would be equal to a 3.08 rear end ratio. Can be ordered with a deep cast aluminum pan . It comes with a speed sensor for an electronic speedometer and can be equipped with a speedometer control unit to control a speedometer cable (#68 below). We now have a tail housing available for a gear driven speedometer cable, see below. The 1997 up 4L80E transmission can be used on the new Chevy 572 cubic inch motor, because both have 7 bell housing bolts. We now have a large number of 4WD H1 Hummer / Humvee SuperMatic 4L85E Military Transmissions code number 8KYP in stock. 

4L80E Transmission – 4 Speed Chart Level 2 & 3 Bionic 80 Level 4 – Quadzilla Full Manual Shifts
Red Eagle Clutches and Kolene Steels in 1st, 2nd and 3rd Yes Yes
36% more clutch apply area in 1st, 2nd and 3rd Yes Yes
Red Eagle Clutches and Kolene Steels in Overdrive and Overrun, 25% more clutch apply area in Overdrive Yes Yes
Automatic Shifts Yes No
Full Manual Shifts No Yes
Electronic Control Module Needed Yes No
Lock-Up Torque Converter Yes No
34 Element Sprag Yes Yes
Carbon Fiber Band Yes Yes
Core Charge Included Yes Yes
Shift Kit Transgo Stage 2 Stage 3, Full Manual Shifts
Pre Tested on Dyno Yes Yes
Hard Input Shaft Upgrade Upgrade
Hard Clutch Hub Upgrade Upgrade
Both 5 Pinion Planet Gears Upgrade Upgrade
Cast Aluminum Pan Upgrade Upgrade
Forward Clutch with 40% more apply area (1st) Yes Yes
Intermediate Clutch with 25% more apply area (2nd) Yes Yes
Direct Clutch with 40% more apply area (3rd) Yes Yes





Torque Converter, Input Shaft and Clutch Hub Upgrades Recommended if Over 500 Horse Power (mainly due to the torque converter)

Yes Yes
Dip Stick and Tube No No
Cast Aluminum Dust Cover No No
#17X Intermediate Sprag and Drum No No

All 4L80E transmissions have a 6 bolt cast aluminum dust cover. 1998 back 4L80E transmissions have a 6 bolt bellhousing bolt pattern and 1999 up transmissions have a 7 bolt pattern. 1997 up transmissions have a front and rear cooler line and on 1996 back both lines are located in the front. All 4L80E transmissions have the old style flywheel. The 1997 up transmissions where redesigned for better lubrication, but they don’t seem to be any better than the 1996 back type. The 2001 back transmissions have a stronger roller clutch. On 1995 up transmissions the neutral safety switch is on the side of the transmission at the shift lever.

We now have a large number of 4L80E / 4L85E, H1 Hummer / Humvee SuperMatic 4WD Military Transmissions Code Number 8KYP. These are low mileage pull-outs that we use to rebuild. They come with H1 shift linkage if needed, 6 bolt bell housings and use a 6 bolt cast aluminum dust cover. They also come with a torque converter and transfer case adapter. Most are 2007 2008.


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