* 200-4R Transmission – Level 2, “200-4R Reptoid”, High Performance Grand National Type 200-4R, Many Upgrades, Rated 400 HP

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Level 2 200-4R “200-4R Reptoid” high performance Grand National Type 200-4R, but even better. Rated 400 HP

This high performance Grand National type 200-4R comes with a larger than stock intermediate billet servo which gives firmer 1-2 and 2-3 shifts. This Superior / Fairbanks servo has an 11% larger apply area than the Grand National servo. It comes with the Mega Valve that raises the fluid pressure and gives a firmer shift and more holding power in all the gears, elevated pressure regulator spring, high output pump slide spring and an oversize low / reverse boost valve. All of our high performance 200-4R transmissions come with a performance Superior shift correction kit installed and a heat treated sun gear shell. The stock seven-vane pump is replaced with a thirteen-vane high performance / high volume pump. Included is a 4th gear converter lock-up switch.

The stock intermediate band is replaced with a black carbon fiber band. Also included in this package deal is a heavy-duty balanced stall converter that has furnace-brazed fins, a Sonnax carbon fiber clutch and needle bearings for added strength (#2). This stall converter can be ordered with stall speeds of 1800, 2000, 2300, 2600 or 2800 RPM and gives a faster launch than a stock converter.
It also comes with a universal-fit throttle-valve cable and dip stick.
This 200-4R transmission will fit all GM motors that have full size bell housings. This is a perfect choice, if you have a non-Chevy motor.
You can expect a 30 to 40% increase in gas mileage (over a 3-speed) on the road. Plus it has all Alto Red Eagle clutches and Kolene steels.

Good for motors up to 400 horse power using pump gasoline, see chart below.
Add torque converter and hard shaft upgrades if needed.

Compare all of these features with any other performance 200-4R transmission on the market. 

Every Transmission Tested on the PATC Dyno.

Transmission Level 1 – “Stock Plus” Mega Valve Level 2 – 200 Reptoid Level 3 – 200 Raptor Level 4 – 200 Mega Raptor
Torque Converter #1 with welded fins #2 Carbon Fiber Clutch #2 Carbon Fiber Clutch #5X Carbon Fiber Clutch
Throttle Valve Cable No Yes Yes Yes
Dip Stick and Tube No Yes Yes Yes
Alto Red Eagle Clutches and Kolene Steels Yes Yes Yes Yes, plus a direct clutch Red Eagle Power Pack.
Band Stock Black Carbon Fiber Black Carbon Fiber Alto Wide Black Carbon Fiber
Shift Correction Kit / Shift Kit Superior Superior Stage 2 Shift Kit Stage 2 Shift Kit
Oversize Pressure Valve – .500″ Yes Yes Yes Yes
Elevated Pressure Regulator Spring No Yes Yes Yes
Free Cooler No Yes Yes Yes
Stall Speeds 1800 to 2300/2500 1800, 2000, 2300, 2600, 2800 1800, 2000, 2300, 2600, 2800 2000 to 4000
Speedometer Gears Extra Extra Extra Extra
#54 Hardened Shaft No No Yes Yes
11% Oversize Servo No Yes Yes Yes
Performance Pump Slide Spring No Yes Yes Yes
Oversize Lo/Rev Boost Valve No Yes Yes Yes
Heat Treated Shell Yes Yes Yes Yes
13 Vane Pump on Request No Yes Yes Yes
4th Gear Lock-Up Only Stock Wiring Yes Yes Yes
Price $ $ $ $
Horse Power Rating 250 400 500 600
Upgrades Powder Coated Case and Pan, #54X Billet Shaft, Speedometer Gears, MegaRaptor-1, #2X or #5X Converter

Transmission ratings are for non-supercharged systems using pump gasoline. Superchargers, Nitrous, Oversize Tires and Weight will change these ratings.


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